September 08, 2018

Kashaayam | Ayurvedic wellness tea

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Kashayaam is nothing but a water extract or decoction of a single herb or a combination of multiple spices and herbs in a certain combination . Mostly these spices and herbs are available in our pantry and can be made easily . This is quick home remedy to combat and get relief from minor ailments like cold , cough, weakness or loss of apetite.
Today’s kashayaam or brew can be prepared in less than 10 mins and is effective to get relief from cold , cough , sore throat or body pain caused due to change in weather conditions or mild flu.
Kashayam is also called as Khaada or Kwaath. Kashayam / Kashaya is a term used in south India while khaada or kwaath is used in north India .

Preparation time : 5 mins
Cooking time : 7-8 mins
Complexity : simple

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1 tsp pepper powder
1 tsp cumin powder / whole cumin / jeera
1 tsp cinnamon powder / small stick of cinnamon/ dalchini/ pattai
2-3 cloves / lavangam
Small piece of dried ginger or 1 tsp shunt / dry ginger powder / chukku podi
1 tsp ajwain / omam/ caraway seeds
Few leaves of fresh tulsi
1 small betel leaf / paan / vethalai
2 glasses of water
1 tsp jaggery powder or 5-6 crystals of palm sugar candy / panam kalkandu

Wash the tulsi and betel leaves well and pat them dry .roughly tear the betel leaf into small pieces.
In a vessel, take the water and add all these ingredients to it and bring it to a nice rolling boil .

The quantity should decrease to half after boiling . Turn off the stove and close with a lid and let it rest for 4-5 mins so that the flavours get infused well.

Strain the decoction and sip it warm 2-3 Times a day . If you are not diabetic you can add a spoon of honey to this syrup and sip .

Make sure you warm it slightly before consuming . Finish the kashaayam in one day and make a fresh batch for the next day .


  1. Thanks for sharing a such a good healthy tea making too much tea drinking is not good for health but this kind of tea which helps in good health, keep sharing such a new and interesting recipes.
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    1. thanks shridevi. please do look up my blog for other traditional and long lost recipes as well


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