May 02, 2021

Rose Kulfi - No Standing & Stirring : ready under 10 mins

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 There is a popular saying by Bill Gates ; “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

This time around I was in a very similar situation where I had promised my family for rose kulfi to satisfy the parched throats but somehow I couldn't get into the groove and make it . The summer heat was killing me and it was getting impossible for me to stand for long  and reduce the milk on the stove top as it is traditionally done for setting a creamy kulfi . That is when it struck to me , why not use the microwave and reduce the milk and viola that is how this delicious and creamy rose kulfi mix was prepared in less than 10 mins. 

I always prepare another classic Kesar Malai Pista Kulfi in the traditional manner by reducing the milk on stove top and was skeptical about the microwave outcome for rose kulfi . 

To be truthful and honest, I found no difference in taste or texture and it was so much a breeze to prepare in the microwave alongside my other kitchen work as it saves a lot of time and energy too .

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Myself and Archana were paired this time for the Shhh Cooking Secretly challenge's April Theme hosted by Pavani . Pavani chose "Frozen Treats" for the blazing summer and I really enjoyed preparing this kulfi for the theme as well as for my family who loves to enjoy icereams and kulfi. Archana gave me milk and butterscotch essence as the secret ingredients. 

Archana has dished out the classic Vanilla Icecream with a lot of nuts with the secret ingredients Nuts and cornflour that I shared with her. For kids who love to lick on Oreo Biscuits, Pavani's No Churn Oreo Icecream is the  best summer treat .

Microwave rose kulfi , easy kulfi recipe , how to make kulfi in 10 mins , कुल्फी,  रोस कुल्फी,  easy kulfi recipe, घर बैठे बनाए मज़ेदार कुल्फी

Preparation Time - 5 mins
Cooking Time - 10 mins
Setting Time - 8 to 12 hrs 
Serves - 2 to 3 


500ml full fat milk  (boiled)
200ml condensed milk
Few drops of butterscotch essence 
3 tablespoon rose syrup
Roughly chopped Pistas for garnish 
1 tsp after mint (mukhwas) for garnish 


  • In a wide microwave safe mixing bowl , add the milk and condensed milk and mix it well with 1 tbsp rose syrup.
  • Microwave it for 3 mins and take it out and stir once scraping the milk residue from sides and put it back in the microwave for 2 mins . The mixture would have thickened slightly .
  • Remove it and add the balance rose syrup and microwave again for 3mins after scraping out all the milk residue . I have not used extra sugar as the rose syrup and condensed milk had enough sugar to sweeten the kulfi.  You may add some if you need .
  • Remove and let it cool for 2 mins . Dip a spoon and if the milk mixture forms a thick coating on the back of the spoon, then your kulfi mix is ready ,else put it back on for 2 more mins .
  • Even though we remove it from the microwave, the heat will be still enough to cook the milk further and reduce it .
  • Add in the butterscotch essence, mix well and let it cool completely.  Donot cover with a lid ,leave it open or cover it with a netted plate or colander so that the condensed steam doesn't fall back into the milk mixture .
  • Once the kulfi mix is cooled completely, transfer it to a steel box or any freezer safe box and cover with a clingfilm or aluminum foil and leave it undisturbed to set in freezer for 8 to 12 hrs .
  • Scoop out the desired quantity in ice cream bowl and garnish with nuts and after mint and enjoy . You may also drizzle some rose syrup for extra taste and flavor .

Pin it up and enjoy !!

Rose kulfi is a creamy traditional Indian Icecream with the subtle flavors of rose essence ..prepare this quick & easy kulfi in microwave and enjoy!