May 23, 2018

Kodubale | Kodbale - Karnataka Delicacy

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Kodubale / Kodbale - Spicy rings is a very famous Karnataka deep fried snack which is made during Diwali , Gokulashtami etc . This can also be made as a normal tea time snack on regular days.
"Bale" in kannada means " Bangle", and since this snack are shaped like rings and resemble Bangle , hence the name.
These can be made as big rings as well as tiny ones depending on our liking and taste. I prefer making small rings, since they look cute and are easy to pop into the mouth.
There could be various recipes for making Kodubale as each family may have their secret and traditional recipe. This one is what my mom used to follow and I have recorded that.

Preparation Time : 20 min
Cooking Time : 30 mins
Complexity : Medium

May 18, 2018

Iru Puli Kuzhambu

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This is called as Iru Puli Kuzhambu as there is use of tamarind as well as slightly sour curd to bring about the tanginess in the gravy . Iru means "2" in tamil and Puli means " Tanginess"

Iru Puli kuzhambu / Iru Puli Kulambu, this name always fascinated me , but I was not sure of how this is made as whomever I asked said they have heard but have not tried . This recipe seems to be famous in the Thirunelveli - Kanyakumari belt of Tamil Nadu in India.

One fine day, when casually talking to a neighbor in my building she told me that she has prepared this Kuzhambu for lunch and then it immediately struck to me to ask her for the recipe and I made it immediately.
There are various recipes followed for the same depending on the individual family taste as well as the family recipe, I am penning down the recipe as told to me by my friend as everyone in our family have developed a liking to this gravy .

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking time : 20-30 mins
Complexity : Medium
Serves : 3-4

Golli Bajje | Mangalore Bonda

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Golli Bajje ,Mangalore Bonda,Mangalore bajji are the various names for this yummy deep fried snack which is a famous Street food from the Mangalore Region / Tulu Naad region of Karnataka in India.
It is a snack made using All purpose flour and sour curd and few mild spices . I first tasted this dish at MTR's oulet MTR 1924 in one of the malls in Bangalore. Ever since I ate this I wanted to make it at home and it just kept on getting postponed due to one reason or the other. The recent summer showers in Bangalore triggered the spark in me and I immediately made these crispy yet soft from inside golden beauties for an evening snack.
I am presenting the No Onion No Garlic version but those of you who like ,may add some chopped onions to the batter along with the other ingredients.

Preparation time : 2-3 hrs
Cooking Time : 20 mins
Serves : 3-4
Complexity : Medium

May 17, 2018

Javvarsi Semiya Payasam | Sago Vermicelli Pudding | साबुदाना खीर

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Any celebration is incomplete without a sweet treat.. what best way to celebrate the good news of my blog being selected under the top 200 Indian Food blogs by Feedspot . I thank Mr Anuj Agarwal and his team for this wonderful appreciation and listing of my blog in this space.
I know , I am little late in making this post as I was on a short break and could not immediately share this news with all of you .

Without further ado,let me get to the recipe of this yummy sweet which is indeed a treat to the taste buds . Jawwarsi Semiya Paysam is a favorite of Vj as well as my dad, so it's made quite frequently at home and we all enjoy it warm .

Most people get scared to make Kheer / payasam using Sago because it tends to get gooey and soggy or at times just melts in the kheer.
Handling sago needs a little bit of care and once we get it right,then there is no more fear of handling sago /sabudana /jawwarsi.

 I have given some fail proof and fool proof tips which will help in getting the perfect Sago kheer.You may skip the use or vermicelli and make the kheer/payasam entirely with sabudana or jawwarsi as well.

Preparation time : 30 mins
Cooking time : 15 mins
Complexity : medium
Serves : 3-4

Jawwarsi payasam, sabakki payasa, sabakki paysa, sabudana kheer, how to get perfect sabudana kheer ? Jawwarsi payasam seyyvadhu eppdi ?  कैसे बनता है साबुदाना खीर?


1/2 litre milk - boiled
3 teaspoons sago / sabudana / jawwarsi
1 tablespoon of vermicelly / semia / sevvayyan (optional)
few strands of saffron
few cashewnuts
1 tablespoon ghee /clarified butter
3/4th - 1 cup sugar - or a little more as needed.
1 tsp cardamom powder


  • Wash and soak the sago pearls for about 30 mins in water and drain . The sago pearls would have soaked the water and bloated up well.
  • In a pan, heat some 1/2 tablespoon ghee , roast the vermicelli and sago until the vermicelli turns crisp and golden brown and the sago pearls are coated well with ghee. If you are not using vermicelli, then roast only the sago pearls in ghee.
  • Now slowly add in the boiled milk and keep stirring and cook on low flame until the milk thickens . The sago turns glossy and gives a glass like appearance which is the indication that the sago is cooked well.
  • Add the sugar, saffron strands and further cook for a while till the sugar dissolves well and the milk gets a lovely color due to the presence of saffron.
  • Lastly,add the cardamom powder ,cashews roasted in ghee and turn off the stove.
  • Serve it warm or chilled as per your liking and enjoy the yummy dessert.

  1. Soaking the sago in water and then roasting ensures that the sago pearls get cooked well and do not disintegrate in the kheer
  2. On adding milk and cooking the sago and vermicelli,they turn glossy and beautiful ,indicating that the sago are perfectly cooked.

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