June 08, 2017

Mix veg Kurma - No Onion No Garlic - Video Recipe

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Many of the households donot make use of onion and garlic on regular days and some on special occassions like Amavasai,Festive days,Pooja days etc etc.
The general feel is making gravies without onion and garlic will not be tasty and hence many of them donot attempt making gravies at all. 
Donot worry,try this gravy and you will really love to eat No Onion No Garlic recipes .

Preparation Time : 15-20 mins
Cooking Time : 10 mins
Serves : 3-4
Complexity : Medium

Traditional Bisi Bele Baath - No Onion No Garlic - Video recipe

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Presenting the famous Karnataka special Bisi Bele Baath / Bisi Bele Huli Anna.
Bisi means Hot 
Bele means dhall/paruppu/lentil
Huli means Sambar/ Sour taste from tamarind
Baath/#anna means Rice
Literally it means Hot Lentil Rice /hot dhall rice
Mostly this recipe is liked by one and all due to the mixture of flavors that burst into your mouth when you take a spoonful. Enjoy this speciality with a small twist. Today's preparation is without use of Onion & garlic.

Green gram Gravy | Hara Moong Sabji - Zero Oil - Easy cooker method

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This time its totally an OIL FREE preparation..yes you read it right..NO OIL at all .

A quick preparation using the pressure cooker.

Ideal for all the health and calorie conscious foodies. 
This gravy is a No Onion No garlic version using the very healthy lentil - Green Gram / Hara Moong / Paccha Payar .

Skip the potatoes in the recipe and it can become Diabetic Friendly as well as Jain Friendly.