May 08, 2017

Restaurant Style Crispy Rava Dosa - Video recipe

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Does anyone really need an introduction to Rava Dosa? The name itself makes us imagine of a crispy ,lacy and big sized golden brown color dosa / crepe loaded with jeera,pepper corns,finely chopped green chillies ,curry leaves,corriander leaves and some bits of finely sliced coconuts or cashewnuts..
This itself must have set you all I right?
So now for all of us Rava Dosas are synonymous to restaurant order as we  take a back stand to make it at home . henceforth,with this recipe you can always make crispy restaurant style rava dosas at the comfort of your home and dunk them in your favorite chutney and sambar and relish it.
This is an absolutely instant dosa that requires no special ingredients and can be whipped in actually less than 20 min.
Coconut chutney ,Tomato chutney are the best side dish for rava dosa.

Please read the tips and follow the video to get the perfect crispy Rava Dosa.

Jain Version : Skip the onion and follow the recipe as is

Preparation Time : 10  mins
Cooking Time : approx 2 mins per dosa
Makes : 9 dosas
Complexity : medium