February 03, 2018

Cornflakes Banana Smoothie / Milkshake

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This was a total invention one morning in my kitchen. Milk and cornflakes is supposed hubby’s daily breakfast , as usual I made it for him and then all of a sudden he felt like having Maggie and ditched the poor cornflakes .
I hate Milk and cornflakes , but had no mind to waste it, so made a quick smoothie adding one banana, 2 tsp honey and a tsp of vanilla essence .. 
It was indeed a very sumptuos and a filling substitute in place of the regular breakfast . We felt full for almost 3 hrs after having a tall glass of this smoothie.

February 02, 2018

Kalyana Rasam / Iyengar Spl Kalyana Rasam - Video Recipe

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Don't we all love to eat the Vaazhaelai Sapaad aka Banana leaf meals in our big fat south Indian weddings ?? the art of eating #Rasam rice on the banana leaf is something totally amazing..Rasam served at the wedding has an unique taste and flavor. Sometimes its also called Iyengar Kalyana Rasam. An authentic recipe shared by our family cook to my mom
Tip :  rasam powder has to be freshly ground to get the flavor and taste.

Supersoft Idli and Crispy Dosas - How to grind using mixie / blender?

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All of us love to eat steaming hot idlis and super crispy dosas just like the ones we get at the hotels.

Today , I am presenting to you the batter proportion for making idlis and dosas at home using the Mixie / Blender.

This is a tried and tested recipe and turns out perfect every time. 

I call this a 3 in 1 batter as I have made Idlis,Dosas as well as Kuzhi Paniyarams with the same batter and all of them have given me amazing results.