July 11, 2020

Pudina Chaas | Mint Buttermilk

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The bacterial fermentation of milk using a starter culture is what gives us Yogurt or what we call as Curd/Dahi in India . This bacteria  present in the culture acts on the lactose in the milk during the process of fermentation and that is how Dahi is formed. This video on my YouTube channel demonstrates how to set thick Yogurt /Dahi at home. 

It is only in India where we use the term Curd for  home made yogurt while Curd actually refers to the part left after the curdling of the milk by adding an external substance like vinegar or lime or citric acid . Paneer or Chenna is the product that is got after the milk undergoes coagulation or curdling. 

 An Indian meal is never complete without the Dahi component in some form or the other . South Indians love to end their meal with some yummy curd rice with pickle while the North Indians love to end their meal with some chilled Chaas or sweet lassi . 

If you all are wondering why so much detailing about Curd/Dahi , it is because this week in our Foodie Monday Bloghop group, the theme is Curd or Dahi . We were given a choice by Poonam  to select between Tomato based or curd based recipes and needless to say Curd won the votes hands down and we named this week as Dahi Delights .. Poonam who blogs at Annapurna has some amazing recipes on her blog which you must definitely check but as it is curd based theme , do try her Curd Quinoa which is inspired from the famous curd rice /thayir saadham.  A fantastic twist using Quinoa . 

Use of Dahi in Indian Cuisine

Apart from lassi or chaas , Dahi is used in a lot of main stream dishes in both South as well as north Indian cuisine . There are many such lip-smacking famous recipes on my blog and I shall share the links in this post which you must try if you are  a dahi lover like me . 

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Raita Varieties 

What is chaas/buttermilk?

Chaas is whisked yogurt that is diluted with some water  and seasoned with salt and some mild spices like cumin powder, asafoetida , jaljeera etc .Neer mor is the south Indian version of chaas and has ginger , curry leaves, green chillies as flavoring agent

Today's recipe is nothing complicated or fancy but a very flavorful Pudina or Mint flavored buttermilk which is very very refreshing on a hot summer afternoon. Mint as we know has a lot of health  benefits especially related to aiding digestion and preventing stomach disorders. Summers are time when we need to keep our body and stomach cool , which is why this pudina chaas is all the more recommended. 

Preparation Time - 5 mins 
Cooking Time - Nil 
Complexity easy 
Makes - 500 to 600ml.

10 to 12 fresh mint leaves 
1 small green chilly
Small piece of ginger 
200 ml or 2 cups thick curd /dahi 
400 ml chilled water 
Salt as needed 
Pinch of black salt 

  • Blend the mint leaves , chilly,ginger and salt with little water into a fine paste and set aside 
  • Whisk the curd using an electric beater or manual whisk till it appears creamy.  
  • Add the ground mint paste, salt , black salt and chilled water and whisk it again until it appears nice and frothy. Adjust salt based on your need.
  • Pour into glasses and enjoy with your meal or keep it refrigerated until your lunch time.
  1. Don't use sour curd as it will change the taste of the buttermilk .
  2. Preferably use freshly set curd and make sure you whisk it properly so that the cream blends with the curd and doesn't float on top .
  3. You can also add some coriander while grinding the paste for added flavor .

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  1. Very refreshing drink, nice write up Priya. Love the mint flavor and ginger taste in this chaas. It's my all time fav butteemilk, loved your version a lot.

    1. thanks dear. Nice to know you also love mint flavored BM ..same pinch and hi fi :-)

  2. From a normal salted chaas to chaas with herbs and spices is an everyday feature on my dining table. The hot weather demands that we enjoy the cooling drink. I love mint chaas where I usually add a small piece of chilli. However, next time will have to try with ginger too. And Priya same pinch have the same lassi ceramic glasses at my Bangalore home.

    1. Hey that is nice to know we share similar interest and taste for crockery ..you have rightly said the chaas is a must on a hot day and yes we also love flavored chaas

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  4. I love the way you have spiced up this chaas with pudina and green chillies. :) I can imagine how flavourful it would have been.

    1. yes dear it was very refreshing and a mild after taste of mint

  5. I love the way you have spiced up this chaas with pudina and green chillies. :) I can imagine how flavourful it would have been.

  6. Herb and spice flavored buttermilk is a regular feature at out place too especially during Summers. Love your mint and ginger flavored chaas. Can imagine how flavorful it must be.

    1. thanks dear. I think most of us have flavored chaas with our meal and it is such a refreshing way to end the meal:-)

  7. We prefer the spiced version to the sweeten version of buttermilk. I must try this adding pudina in chaas. Somehow always end up forgetting that I have pudina. Looks delicious and yes we love curds rice too.

    1. Ya same in our place. Salted chaas is what we like and is a must daily with our lunch and dinner. Do try this Pudina flavored chaas if you all like the minty flavor .

  8. hubby is the buttermilk (neer mor) maker at home, and he comes up with unique combos.. this pudina chaas is a fav at home during summer

    1. Oh super 👌..nice to know he loves to experiment with mor and yes pudina is so refreshing in BM

  9. You are right Priya..Chaas is a must make for us North Indians during summers, a must have after lunch due to it's cooling properties.. loving your delicious and flavourful cool cool drink with ginger mint and chillies.

  10. Mint chaas looks so refreshing. A perfect thirst quencher to beat the heat . Love this cooling Lassi.

  11. This is such a delicious as well easy to make. As I love the savory ones to the sweet version, so this is my kinda drink for sure :)


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