March 03, 2021

Maanga Thogayal | Maangai Thuvayal | Raw Mango Chutney- Vegan South Indian delicacy

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 Come summer , the markets are flooded with raw mangoes of different varities followed by ripe mangoes .

As much as we eagerly wait for luscious and sweet ripe mangoes , raw mangoes have their own charm and can be widely used in a lot of recipes. 

I do use raw mango in my cooking during the season .  A sweet and tangy dip Maangai Pachadi - an essential recipe for Tamil New year's eve in April is a sought after recipe with raw mango in my home  .

 We are a family who don't like to gorge on mango pickles ,so I make a close cousin of pickle called as Thokku in Tamil.  Maangai Thokku tastes delectable and can be used as a side dish for parathas , dosas ,theplas and chilled curd rice.

 I prepare a delicious Mavinkaai Chithranna/ Maangai Saadham (Raw mango flavored rice) using the Mango Thokku .

Of course Aam panna is another delicacy which is prepared and bottled up to enjoy during the season . 

If you have reminisced your childhood watching the advertisement " Mango frooti...fresh and juicy " and love to sip on this delicious drink , then you must try this Home made Frooti recipe on my blog .

Maangai Thogayal /Raw mango chutney is a south indian dip /chutney prepared using raw mango ,roasted lentils and red chillies .maanga thohayal , manga thogayal , thogayal, maangai thohayal , maangai thuvayal,kairi Chutney, kaccha aam chutney , aam chutney

 In our group Shhh cooking secretly challenge,for February it was my turn to suggest the theme and I chose  " CHUTNEYS " . There is no dearth of chutney varities in our Indian cuisine.  My idea was to bring out some unique ,traditional and family specific chutney recipes and as always my fellow bloggers have dished out some amazing and lipsmacking chutneys with exotic ingredients .

I was paired with the talented cook and classic  writer Jayashree Rao ji who blogs on Evergreen Dishes and has a few cook books to her credits. Do check her blog and order your copy of her cookbook right away!!  

I was given turmeric and urad dhall (black de husked lentil) by Jayshree ji as secret ingredients while I gave her curry leaves and tamarind with which a delicious and lipsmacking curry leaves chutney has been dished out and the recipe can be found here .

I prepared a tangy and spicy thuvayal or thogayal using raw mango . If you have been following my blog you will know that I have a variety of chutneys and thogayals listed on my blog..thuvayal is a slightly thicker version of chutney and has roasted ingredients going into it.  

Maangai Thogayal /Raw mango chutney is a south indian dip /chutney prepared using raw mango ,roasted lentils and red chillies .maanga thohayal , manga thogayal , thogayal, maangai thohayal , maangai thuvayal,kairi Chutney, kaccha aam chutney , aam chutney

Preparation Time - 15 mins
Cooking Time - 5 to 10 mins
Complexity - easy 
Serves - 3 to 4


1 medium sized raw mango grated 

1/4 cup channa dhall / split bengal gram 

2 tablespoon udad dhall /dehusked black lentil

1 tbsp grated fresh coconut 

1 tsp jaggery 

3 to 4 dry red chillies 

1 green chilli 

Few curry leaves 

1/4 tsp turmeric 

Salt as needed 

Pinch of asafoetida (skip for GF version)

2tsp cooking oil


  • Heat oil in a pan or small wok and fry the chopped green chilli followed by the channa dhall and udad dhall .Roast the lentils until they turn crisp and golden brown .
  • Roast the red chillies and curry leaves in the same pan  until crisp .
  • Turn off the stove and lightly saute  the grated mango for 1 to 2 mins in the heat of the pan. 
  • Let the ingredients cool down before blending. 
  • In a blender or your mixie's chutney jar add all the roasted ingredients along with coconut, turmeric, asafoetida, salt and jaggery along with little water and grind to a semi fine paste .
  • Adjust water while grinding if you find it difficult to grind . 

Storage and shelf life 

Transfer to a clean and dry container and use a dry spoon while serving . This chutney stays well in refrigerator for 3 to 4 days . 

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Maangai Thogayal /Raw mango chutney is a south indian dip /chutney prepared using raw mango ,roasted lentils and red chillies .maanga thohayal , manga thogayal , thogayal, maangai thohayal , maangai thuvayal,kairi Chutney, kaccha aam chutney , aam chutney

Do click on the image below for a collection of some tongue tickling chutney varities 


  1. Chilled Curd Rice and Maanga Thogayal sounds like a wonderful combination. I usually just prepare raw mango and coriander mint chutney. Will have to give this one a try. Anyway I'm a fan of raw mango dishes.

  2. Learned a new way to prepare mango chutney. I too prepare mango chutney with mint and coriander. Would love to try your version with lentils and coconut.

  3. Raw mango chutney pairs well with curd rice. I like the combination of ingredients that have gone into it to give spicy , tangy and sweetish flavours

  4. Raw mango chutney with roasted lentils sounds lipsmacking dip for any snacks or meal. I can imagine the spicy tangy tongue tickling taste.

  5. Every year, I wait for summer so I can get my hands on raw mangoes. One of my most favourite things to make with them is this Thogayal. We make it the same way too. Tastes heavenly!

  6. Mango chutney is one of the favourites during early summer. The sweet, sour and tangy taste pairs so well with any meal. Liked your version Priya.

  7. This raw mango chutney with coconut and lentils looks lip smacking. Just need some rice ghee and sandige to polish it off. Lovely flavors.

  8. We also have a similar version of raw mango chutney with lentils in Maharashtrian Cuisine. Your manga thogayal sounds absolutely flavorful!

  9. Wow, We make maanga chutney but never made a thogayal. I will love to try this. Does this stay a week in fridge?

    1. Yes it does stay for a week. You can skip the coconut part so that you can safely store it for a week

  10. I usually make maanga chutney with coconut, mango and green chilies. Mangoes have started to come in market now and I am going to try this version.

  11. Raw mango chutney looks so delicious and must to do during summers. Waiting for mangoes to try out this chutney.

  12. Raw mango chutney is all time fav in summer !! with roasted lentils this sounds more lip-smacking dip... love to dig right away priya ;)

  13. I like thogayal recipes a lot, ur maanga thogayal looks very inviting. As mango season started, will try this thogayal.

  14. Raw mangoes chutney is our favorite. I will love to try making mine this time your way. I do not use dals. Sounds extremely delicious. Now is the time to make it.


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