August 26, 2021

Gokulashtami | जन्माष्टमी | Shri Jayanthi | Paancharatra Sri Jayanthi

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 Gokulashtami/ Janmashtami (जन्माष्टमी) is a Hindu Festival celebrated to rejoice the birth of Lord Krishna . It is an annual festival and falls in the month of August - September as per Gregorian Calender and if we go by Hindu Almanac it falls in the month of Shravana or Bhadrapada (aadi or aavani as per Tamil calender)  depending on when the Ashtami Thithi coincides with Rohini Star during the Krishna Paksha . Krishna paksha is the phase from Full Moon day to New Moon day (Waning period) .

Those following the Pancharathra Aagama shashthra  emphasize more on the Rohini Nakshatra ,the birth star of Lord Krishna for celebration of Krishna Jayanthi .  It is commonly called as Pancharathra Sri Jayanthi and in 2023,it falls on 7th September 2023 while the others will celebrate on 6th September. 

**post updated with new recipes on 30th August 2023

A sneak peek into the traditional way of Celebrating Sri Krishna Jayanthy / Janmashtami,  Gokulashtami, Paancharatra Sri jayanti

Lord Krishna is considered to be the 8th avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu.  Lord Krishna as we all know was  very cheerful ,bubbly and naughty as a child and the image that comes to our mind is of baby Krishna with a handful of butter , pranking and playing around with Gopikas 

There is no doubt that Krishna Bhagwan is everyone's favorite and hence his birth is celebrated with pomp,cheer and gaiety at homes as well as temples. 

People at home decorate the idols of  Krishna with flowers ,tulsi and fragrant garlands and also symbolically decorate a small cradle with an idol of baby Krishna to welcome his birth. 

A sneak peek into the traditional way of Celebrating Sri Krishna Jayanthy / Janmashtami,  Gokulashtami, Paancharatra Sri jayanti

In south India ,we draw Rangoli outside our home and also draw small baby foot steps from the main entrance till the pooja stand inside  as a mark of welcoming a little crawling Krishna into our homes .we call it as Krishnar Paadam in Tamil. 

A sneak peek into the traditional way of Celebrating Sri Krishna Jayanthy / Janmashtami,  Gokulashtami, Paancharatra Sri jayanti

We prepare and offer many goodies that are Kaanha ji's favorites especially made out of milk,butter and ghee which were his eternal favorites.  Offerings made from Aval/Poha/Beaten rice is a must as Aval is symbolic of prosperity and  pure friendship or Saakhyam between Krishna and Sudama . 

In Maharashtra and Gujarat Sabudana Vada ,Sabudana Chiwda , Faraali Pattice are some of the items made as part of Chappan bhog and offered ..chappan bhog is an elaborate offering of 56 items to the Lord .

Today in this post ,I am sharing links of sweets and savories which are made in most South Indian homes unfailingly every Krishna Janmashtami and offer it to the our dear Maakhan Chor .


Navaneetham/Navneeth/Makkan Mishri

Ambalapuzha Paal Payasam (Milk Kheer) 

Kesar Badam Doodh

Aval Payasam with coconut milk (Poha kheer - Vegan )

Aval Payasam with milk (poha kheer)

Therattipaal (Milk Fudge) 

Coconut Barfi 

Maa Ladoo 


Dry Fruit Payasam

Badam Kheer 

Jackfruit Nei Appam


Uppu Seedai  (small deep fried rice balls)

Vella (sweet) Seedai

Butter Murukku 

Mucchore  / Manamkombu

Thengol / Thenguzhal (Honey pipes) 


Ribbon pakodam


Poha Chiwda / Aval Mixture (Beaten rice crispies )

Thayir Vadai (Dahi wada) 

Paruppu Vadai (Dal Vada

Thayir Aval / Gopalkaala

There is no particular hard and fast rule as to what one needs to offer ,if you are pressed for time or circumstances prevent you from offering an elaborate spread ,you can just offer

 Navaneetham/Makkan Mishri (Butter & sugar) and Gopalkaala/ Thayir Aval (Beaten rice and curd) along with Tulsi leaves . TULSI is very scared for Lord Krishna and he loves and accepts anything that is offered whole heartedly with pure devotion.

Any offering using Aval/Poha is considered very auspicious and special for Lord Krishna as his close friend Sudama/Kuchela offered him Aval when he met Lord Krishna after ages . It symbolizes a deep bond of love.

We Generally offer 5 varieties of fruits,curd ,buttermilk,plain milk, thamboolam (betel leaves , betel nuts) and Sukku Vellam (Ginger jaggery) without fail.  

A sneak peek into the traditional way of Celebrating Sri Krishna Jayanthy / Janmashtami,  Gokulashtami, Paancharatra Sri jayanti


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