March 31, 2017

Kalkandu Saadham (Ksheerannam) | Sugar Candy Rice Pudding - Video Post

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Kalkandu Saadham / Kalkandu baath is a very creamy,rich and a delicious pudding made using rice,milk,saffrom and rock sugar candy /kalkandu (tamil) / kal sakkre (kannada) / kadi saakar (marathi) . 

Kalkandu Baath, is a very popular prasad served in many South Indian temples especially Vaishnava (Vishnu).temples. It is also referred to  as KsheerAnnam wherein Ksheera in Sanskrit means Milk and Annam meaning Rice.

We can also use diamond sugar in place of rock sugar. This recipe uses diamond sugar as I had run out of rock candy sugar.

If you want to make a yummy and a quick dessert ,this is your best pick. Gets done very easily without any mess or strain and makes it a perfect option for large get togethers or pot luck parties .
Kalkandu Baath is a close cousin of the rice kheer but for the consistency.  Kalkandu saadham is thick and creamy while kheer is liquid . 

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The rice is entirely cooked in milk along with saffron till the rice is well cooked and mushy . To this cooked rice, we add the rock candy sugar or diamond sugar and cook for a few more mins till the sugar candy melts and adds taste to the kalkandu saadham . Lastly nuts fried in ghee are added and the delicious and creamy kalkandu rice is ready.  The subtle yellow color comes from the saffron which gives a very good taste and flavor , but you can skip using the saffron if you don't like the taste or flavor. 

Watch this detailed video from my channel for a step by step recipe .Do subscribe to my channel without fail. 

Preparation Time : 5-10 mins
Cooking time : 30 mins approx (inclusive of Pressure cooking time : 15 mins)
Serves : 3-4
Complexity : Simple

1/2 cup rice (approx 100-120 gms)
1 cup milk
1 cup diamond sugar
few saffron strands
2-3 cardamoms powdered
pinch of edible camphor
handful of assorted raisins & cashews
2 tablespoon ghee.

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Giving a face-lift (30/10/22) to this recipe originally published in 2017 by adding new pictures,  editing the write up as part of our foodies redoing old post activity actively managed by Renu .

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  1. Ksheera annam looks delicious and easy to prepare. It is ideal for the festive days, bokmarking it to make it soon Priya.


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