August 03, 2017

Aadi Perukku / Pathinettam perukku / Payinettam Perukku / Aadi 18am perukku

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Aadi perukku wishes to one and all.

Aadi is a holy month as per Tamil calender and falls between July 15 to Aug 15 . Aadi or aashada marks the beginning of a lot of festive days to follow in the next few months . 
"Perukku" in Tamil means "Manifold increase".

Aadi perukku is celebrated on the 18th day of the holy month of Aadi also known as Pathinettam Perukku . Pathinettu in Tamil stands for 18 ,hence this festival gets that name too .

Invariably it will be celebrated on either 2nd or 3rd of August.

During this season the rivers are upto the brim and flowing in full glory as it is monsoon and this festival is celebrated to offer thanks and gratitude to the water bodies which are an essential source of human life sustainence.

Variety rice known as Chitrannam, like lemon rice,tamarind rice,coconut rice,sakkarai pongal,kalkandu saadham,curd rice etc. are prepared at home and offered as prasad to the deities at home and then carried to the river banks .A small pooja is done at the river banks and later the food prepared is enjoyed by relatives, friends and family at the river banks .

Tradition behind the Prasadam/offering...

The prasadam  is offered in odd number of preparation where in a sweet and curd rice are mandatory i.e items prepared are 3,5 ,7 or 9 in number

1 sweet , 3 savory variety rice and curd rice

2 sweets , 4 savoury variety rice and curd rice 

1 sweet  1 Savory mixed rice and  curd rice . 

Along with this either Papads,Medhu Vada ,Paruppu Vada or bajjis are made for the additional crunch .

Some also make either  Mor kootu , Avial , Sundal or mor kuzhambu to be served alongside .

This year i.e Aug 3rd 2022 , I prepared a simple chithrannam prasadam for Aadi perukku with 

Lemon Rice  ,Coconut Rice , Puliyogre, Curd Rice, Brown Channa Sundal & Sajjige / Kesari

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  1. Priya that is an interesting tradition and custom. A beautiful platter with all my favourite types of rice dishes.

  2. Good to know about this tradition. I remember seeing many pictures of the dishes too. Nice platter of dishes are made on this day.

  3. Wow thanks Priya for sharing a wonderful traditional custom. There are so many that we do not know. This platter sound absolutely yum. Love the variety and see that my favourite the lovely curds rice is common in all the platters. :D

  4. The platter served for aadi perukku is so beautiful. I love how balanced the colours are and each recipe easy to make.

  5. such a lovely platter of yummy dishes. Of course, we don't celebrate Aadi perukku at our place (or Pati's too), but any and all reasons to indulge in yummy kalandha saadhams ! - Kalyani


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