January 25, 2021

Grape Gooseberry cooler

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Fresh fruit Juices have always been my weakness and I love to sip on them.  I prefer to make them without added sugar and also very less water so that there is no much loss of nutrients.  Incase the juice happens to be slightly sour or bland , I prefer to add a few spoons of honey which makes it sweet . You may add jaggery too but at times it changes the taste and many may not like it ..so pls choose depending on how you like your juice/cooler to be .

Grapes Gooseberry juice is rich in vit C and acts as a natural immunity booster ..very refreshing and helps in keeping the body hydrated . Grapes juice, amla juice, grape amla juice , aavla juice, grapes aavla juice , grapes and Gooseberries cooler

This week for FMBH week 282 , Poonam wanted all of us to share delicacies made using berries .I wanted to make some Amla rice (Nellikai Saadham) or Amla murabba , but somehow due to certain other commitments I couldn't go ahead as planned . Poonam has dished out mouthwatering jaggery based Amla murabba which is a must try if you love Gooseberries. 

So for the theme it is  fresh juice from green grapes and boiled Gooseberry I.e Amla . I have boiled the amlas as it is easier to deseed them and also becomes soft to grind . I have not added any sugar as the grapes were sweet by themselves .

Nutrition Facts

  • Grapes, Amla are packed with nutrients and essential vitamins like Vit K and Vit C .
  •  Amla and Grapes also have antioxidant properties which help in dealing with chronic ailments. 
  • Amlas are a powerhouse of natural fibre , hence very useful in digestion and also eases the discomfort of Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Since grapes and amla are rich in Vit C they provide natural immunity to the body . 
  • Amla is also beneficial in controlling blood sugar as the natural soluble fibre prevents sudden spikes in sugar levels.
**these are general health benefits of grapes and amla , but pls do exercise caution in consuming these in case you have any underlying health issues which may prevent the consumption of amla and grapes . 

How to boil the Amla/Gooseberry ? 

  • Take the required quantity of Gooseberries ,wash them well and pressure cook for 1 whistle with sufficient water . 
  • The Gooseberry will become soft and the seed would have popped out on its own
  •  You can just discard the seed and use the boiled Gooseberry. 
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Grapes Gooseberry juice is rich in vit C and acts as a natural immunity booster ..very refreshing and helps in keeping the body hydrated .

Preparation Time - 15 mins

Cooking Time  - Nil 

Complexity - Easy 


500gms green grapes 

2 -3 medium sized boiled amla/Gooseberry 

2 tbsp honey (optional) **skip for Vegan

1/2 cup water 


  • Soak the grapes in salt water for 10 mins.
  • Wash the bunch of grapes thoroughly in water multiple times until the water appear clean and clear .
  • Drain the grapes in a colander for a few mins.
  • Add the amla and grapes to a blender or juicer and blend  well . 
  • Strain the juice for extra pulp or you may include the pulp if you like pulpy juices .
  • Stir in the honey after passing the juice through the sieve .
  • Refrigerate it and enjoy chilled. 
  • You may add some ice cubes too if you wish .


  1. This gooseberry and grape juice looks absolutely refreshing ! Love that it is sugar free. A perfect detox and immunity boosting drink for all ages.

  2. Vitamin C loaded grape and gooseberry cooler lols Super tempting. Love this immunity boosting drink. Sugar free healthy drinks are always welcome . Beautifully done Priya.

  3. Great idea to use gooseberry in a smoothie, and to add grapes to it. Must be super flavourful. Loaded with Vitamin C too.

  4. Wow double dose of vitamin C in a glass. Loved the idea of boiling amla in pressure cooker. Never used cooker to boil amla but now you have made my task easy. Excellent share.

  5. Such a healthy, tasty and easy to prepare juice recipe. I loved the combination of grapes and amla. Liked the way you used honey as sweetener, can drink it happily .

  6. This must be so flavourful with two flavours blending together, sweetness from the grapes and the tanginess from the amlas. Lovely summer drink.

  7. Such a flavourful and healthy drink Priya. I love amla and have not tried making a drink out of it. Now I know I can make it when I get some fresh amla.

  8. You definitely have a winner of a recipe. Taste bhi, health bhi. This grapes and amla cooler I'd definitely what will be welcome in the October heat.

  9. Great color! - We rarely get fresh gooseberries here unless I go a farmer's market and only available seasonally, however, I can get the frozen ones at the Indian market. Will get them the next time I go so that I can try this delicious recipe


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