February 02, 2018

Kalyana Rasam / Iyengar Spl Kalyana Rasam - Video Recipe

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Don't we all love to eat the Vaazhaelai Sapaad aka Banana leaf meals in our big fat south Indian weddings ?? the art of eating #Rasam rice on the banana leaf is something totally amazing..Rasam served at the wedding has an unique taste and flavor. Sometimes its also called Iyengar Kalyana Rasam. An authentic recipe shared by our family cook to my mom
Tip :  rasam powder has to be freshly ground to get the flavor and taste.

How to make fresh Rasam Powder ?


1 tomato pureed
1 tomato chopped
1/4 cup tamarind extract
2 tablespoon thoor dhall pressure cooked and mashed
fresh curry leaves
2 tablespoon fresh rasam powder .
( rasam powder recipe link :   https://youtu.be/TYopM6b14xU )


  • In a vessel,add the tamarind extract,tomato puree,chopped tomato and 2 cups of water with required salt.
  • bring to a boil until the raw tamarind flavor is lost
  • add the thoor dhall,fresh curry leaves and 1/2 cup water and boil for 5-6 mins
  • add some jaggery for taste enhancement.
  • Lastly add the rasam powder,mix well and wait for it to start frothing.
  • Turn off as soon as the rasam starts frothing. Boiling too much will turn the rasam bitter.
  • Add a tempering of mustard,cumin and asafoetida in ghee and add it to the rasam. Garnish with fresh corriander.
  • Serve hot with rice & ghee.

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