April 05, 2020

Cucumber Pancakes - desi style

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Well we all know , necessity is the mother of invention and kitchen is a place where such inventions keep happening time and again .Today's recipe was also an outcome of one such times .  This month's theme in our Social media group was Pancakes . This was suggested by Ms Archana blogger at the Mad Scientist's kitchen who wanted us to come out with some different variations of pancakes in our own style . Secret ingredients given to me by Shobha Ji  of Shobha's food maza was gram flour /besan and cucumber while I gave her Quinoa and Sprouts . Her recipe of pancake can be found here. Do check her blog for some wonderful recipes from various  cuisines.

Well now over to the recipe... due to the sudden lockdown announcements and panic ..I realised I was running out of gram flour and the local shops also had run out of stock due to panic shopping. So as I pondered how to go about with the challenge , the good old staple of a south Indian home came to my rescue...well you all guessed it right ; Dosa Batter was my savior.
Now to know how to make this flavorful pancake do check my recipe below .

Preparation Time - 10 mins
Cooking Time - 3 mins per pancake
Complexity- easy
Serves- 2 -3


3 ladles dosa batter
4 tablespoon  besan /gramflour
1 medium cucumber peeled and grated.
Salt to taste
Pinch of sugar


  • Mix the gram flour with half cup water and whisk well to form a smooth batter without lumps. 
  • Add this to the dosa batter and mix it well .
  • Squeeze out the excess water from the grated cucumber and mix it well with the batter.
  • Adjust salt as needed . Add a pinch of sugar.  
  • Batter consistency should be just like dosa batter .
  • Heat a tava or griddle and pour a ladleful of batter over it . Donot spread like regular dosa. 
  • It has to be thick like pancake/oothappam .
  • Drizzle a little oil .cook on one side and flip it over . Cook well. 
  • Serve hot with a chutney of your choice. 


  1. I love the idea of adding cucumber and gram flour to the batter. Must have made the pancakes so delicious! They do look super soft and fluffy. :)

  2. Priya that's a wonderful way to use cucumber. I would have not thought of adding it to pancakes or uttapam. Pancakes look so soft and delicious.

  3. Cucumber Pancakes sounds so cool. Love these nutritious and delicious pancakes .

  4. Adding cucumber and gramflour to dosa batter amdmakong pancakes with it sounds interesting ! The pancakes look tempting !

  5. That is such a lovely recipe. I love how you added the cucumber into Dosa batter.

  6. So innovative recipe. Loved the idea of adding cucumber and besan in dosa batter. These two ingredients will change the taste of regular dosa or uttapam. I will also try it sometime.

  7. I love this idea. Such an innovative way of making dosa .

  8. so simple as well as easy recipe with cucumber. Looks so delicious

  9. left over dosa batter to the rescue :-) sounds familiar .. he he :-) the dosa/pancakes with cucumber look soft and porous..

  10. Adding cucumber is like the icing on the cake here. Interesting recipe, I must try it sometime.

  11. Agreat way to stretch that bit of left over dosa maav as well. I am sure i will be trying this.

  12. Great share ! Adding the cucumber into Dosa batter sounds totally new to me. Will try sometime sure dear . Awesome share :)


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