June 28, 2020

Sweet Corn Salad - Vegan

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Salads are very healthy and refreshing and occupy a very important place as a part of any meal . Generally salads are made using fresh vegetables or fruits and served at room temperature.  There are some varieties of salads that are served warm or cold .

Summers are the time when we love to indulge in fresh fruit juices and fresh salads as it is easy to digest and takes care of the hydration of the body and easy to prepare without much hassles .

This month being peak summer in most parts of the world, Kalyani chose the theme as Summer Salads for our facebook food group shhhhh cooking secretly challenge. Check out this fresh watermelon feta salad on Kalyani's blog . It just looks so refreshing and delicious for this scorching summer. 

 This time I was paired with Aruna of Vasusvegkitchen to whom I gave coriander and peanuts with which she has whipped up a healthy salad with yogurt dressing .Try her Veggie and dry fruit salad without fail.  She gave me the secret ingredients pepper powder and lemon juice. We  both had to whip a salad with the ingredients  we gave one another and as usual our fellow bloggers had to guess what could be the secret ingredient in this salad ... isn't it fun to always play the guessing game ? We love that and this time Poonam guessed my secret ingredients in a jiffy .check out her recioe for flavorful Mango Chick pea salad . It looks so yummy and colorful .

Preparation Time - 10 mins
Cooking Time - 5 mins
Serves - 3 to 4 
Complexity  - simple 

2 cups frozen or fresh sweet corn
1 medium sized cucumber
2 medium sized tomatoes
Juice from 1/2 lemon
1 tsp pepper powder 
1/2 tsp chat masala
Salt as needed 
Fresh corriander for garnish 

  • Boil the sweet corn for about 5 mins and then drain the water and set aside. 
  • Peel the cucumber and dice into small cubes 
  • Deseed the tomatoes and chop them into small cubes.
  • In a wide mixing bowl, add the cucumber, tomato and corn with salt, chat masala , pepper powder , lime juice and toss it gently .lastly garnish with fresh corriander and serve immediately. 


Add salt and lime juice just before serving else the salad will tend to get soggy. 


  1. vegan sweet corn salad looks very tasty Priya. Adding chaat masala and pepper powder surely added aroma and taste to salad. Love to have sweet corn in any form, your sweet corn salad tempting me, have corn at home will prepare it .

  2. OMG .. this salad is so tempting. Nice and chatpata. I like such simple salads. Perfect for the monsoon season.

  3. Sweet corn is something I can have any time. Especially having canned or frozen really helps. Love how this salad can come together in a short time and make a filling meal...

  4. Lovely, simple Indian-style salad. I make this often too, and it is a favourite with everyone at home. Yours looks so colourful, delicious and tempting!

  5. I love corn in almost anything and this so fresh looking salad appeals to me. I love how simple ingredients put together make a really flavorful salad.

  6. Boiled Sweet corn with simple salad veggies and some spice powders makes a delicious and refreshing salad. Can have it any time. Loved your vegan version. I toass the boiled sweet corn and onion in a bit of butter.

  7. Sweet corn salad with some veggies tastes amazing and ideal way to feed the kids when they are hungry. Loved it.

  8. I love anything with sweetcorn, simple combination of ingredients makes an wonderful bowl of salad. Kids friendly salad too.

  9. Sweet corn salad with Chaat masala looks scrumptious.Chaat masala enhances the taste of the salad.Wven the kids will love it .

  10. One of the favorites salad of all time, but I never added cucumber and tomatoes in it. Would love to try next.

  11. I never tried to add cucumber and tomatoes in corn. Such a great idea. I will definitely try this .

  12. simple delicious dishes like these appeal most to kids, esp with hot boiled corn. perfect for this monsoon :)

  13. Its simply awesome and squeezing lime in the salad adds flavour and taste to the dosh.Superb

  14. Pass the bowl Priya this is something I can live on. One of the best means a person can have. Looks so yummy.

  15. I always love salad with Indian spices and this sweet corn salad looks so tempting and delicious.

  16. This corn salad is one of our fav salad ! Super simple yet so nutritious as well as delicious.
    Love the addition of tomatoes, cucumber here

  17. I love indian salads. infact I have a few at my workplace whom i have converted to loev indian salads as tehy have so much more flavour and less oil. I am going to try this with them as well.

  18. I can have this anytime of the day... Salad looks refreshing and inviting. Such a healthy salad and loved the addition of chat masala!


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