November 23, 2020

Potato Capsicum Sambar | Urulai Kudamilagai Sambar

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We love sambar in our family and I make different varities of sambar as part of my daily menu . 

Potato and capsicum are an eternal match made in heaven and when we use this combination in any recipe, it is always the show stopper . Aloo Simla Mirchi sabji is another favorite at home and we love it with piping hot dhall and rotis. Likewise , Potato capsicum sambar is one that I make very frequently.  The distinct flavor of  the capsicum lends a very nice aroma to the sambar when simmered in tamarind extract and freshly ground sambar powder .

Potato capsicum sambar is very delicious .The distinct flavor of  the capsicum lends a very nice aroma to the sambar . Urulai kudamilagai sambar , kodamilagai sambar , capsicum sambar , urulai kuzhambu , kudamilagai kozhambu , urulai kodamilagai kuzhambu, kudamilagai , urulai kilangu

Traditionally sambar used to be prepared using native vegetables like various tubers ,brinjal, flat beans,and gourds like snake gourd, ash gourd etc since other vegetables were not so easily available. But now a days, as there is easy reach to all sorts of vegetables, we can use variety of vegetables and prepare sambar .  

I have heard and seen many of my friends make sambar with zuchiini, cauliflower,broccoli. If you are someone who loves to experiment with flavors you may also try ,but I prefer to stick to regular and local Vegetables. 

We love Drumstick Sambar , okra (lady's finger) sambar , Keerai  (Greens) Sambar a lot though I also make sambar with other vegetables like ashgourd , pumpkin , chayote (chou chou) , beans ,carrot  as well. 

Piping hot sambar, rice and ghee accompanied with some fried papad , a mildly spiced coconut based curry and some South Indian style raita is the perfect combination and wholesome meal . We relished this sambar with Tomato Pachadi and Carrot Chow Chow curry today.

This is the 273rd week in our FMBH and it was my turn to suggest the theme . While I was thinking of what to suggest, it struck to me why not share our family's favorite recipe even if it is a simple one.  End of the day we cook for our family and enjoy the satisfied look on their faces when they relish a meal cooked by us . The joy doubles up when there is a repeat request for the same recipe. 

So ,stay tuned my dear friends for a family special culinary journey from our blogger friends . 

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Potato capsicum sambar is very delicious .The distinct flavor of  the capsicum lends a very nice aroma to the sambar .

Preparation Time - 30 mins
Cooking time - 20 mins
Complexity- simple 
Serves - 2 to 3 

3 medium sized potatoes 
1 medium capsicum /green bell pepper 
3 tablespoon sambar powder 
1/2 cup thoor dhall/pigeon peas /thuvaram paruppu
3 to 4 tbsp fresh grated coconut 
1/4  tsp turmeric powder 
1 cup tamarind extract 
Salt as needed 
Few curry leaves 
Fresh corriander chopped 
2 tsp oil 
1 tsp mustard seeds
Pinch of asafoetida (skip for GF)


Sambar powder recipe click here 

Potato capsicum sambar is very delicious .The distinct flavor of  the capsicum lends a very nice aroma to the sambar .

  • Grind the coconut and sambar powder using some water to a fine paste. 
  • Wash the thoor dhall until it is clear of any dust and pressure cook it with a little turmeric and sufficient water until soft and mushy. 
  • Peel the potatoes, wash them clean and cut them into big cubes.  De seed the capsicum and cut them also in to big pieces .
  • Soak lemon sized tamarind in hot water and extract the juice from it.  If it is very thick add some water to it and keep ready in a heavy bottom deep vessel.
  • In a pan , heat 1 tsp oil , splutter 1/4 tsp mustard and saute the potatoes and capsicum for a few mins in the tempering.  This step ensures that the veggies don't become too soft in the sambar .
  • Add the sauteed veggies to the tamarind extract with some salt and boil until the raw flavor of tamarind is lost and the potatoes are 3/4th cooked.
  • Add the ground coconut paste , mix it well and let it come to a rolling boil before adding the cooked thoor dhall.
  • After adding the thoor dhall , adjust salt and water if needed . At this stage you can add some sambar powder if you want your sambar to be a little spicy .
  • Let the sambar boil well for 3 to 4 mins . Turn it off a pour a fresh tempering of mustard in hot oil over the sambar and garnish with fresh curry leaves and corriander .
  • Immediately cover it with a lid for the flavor of tempered mustard seeds and asafoetida get infused into the sambar .

  • If you don't follow vegan diet , add a tsp of fresh ghee in the end after preparing the tempering. 
  • Skip the asafoetida for gluten free cooking. 
  • Add a spoonful of jaggery when the sambar is boiling.  It further enhances the taste of the sambar .
  • Mash the cooked dhall nicely and then add it to the sambar ,this way the dhall and the ground spice paste will mix well and give a smooth texture to the sambar.

Pair this lipsmacking sambar with a mildly spiced Chou Chou carrot curry and enjoy your meal .

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  1. I personally love Sambar and try out different varieties. Never tried a sambar with capsicum though. Would love giving your recipe a try soon. I also add a bit of jaggery to sambar.

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  8. This looks so delish! We often use potatoes in sambar, but have never added in capsicum along with them. Definitely going to try this out! :)

  9. This looks so delish! We often use potatoes in sambar, but have never added in capsicum along with them. Definitely going to try this out! :)

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