November 06, 2020

Ribbon Pakoda | Ottu Pakoda | Naada - Diwali special snack

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 Diwali is just a few days away and all of you must be getting geared up in your own way to celebrate this bright and joyous festival with family .

When we talk of Diwali , it is obvious that we all will prepare our family's favorite sweets and snacks . Also, most of us love to experiment with new snacks and varieties. 

If you are someone like me who tries some new snack every Diwali , then you must go ahead and try Ribbon Pakoda -a tasty snack from Tamil Nadu .  Other names for this crunchy snack is Ottu Pakoda , Naada , Ribbon,  Pakkodam.

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This recipe is special to me in many ways but  most importantly this is my Grandmother's recipe and it never fails me . It took me a lot of trials to achieve the perfection and to reach  a stage close as my grandmom's.  Still, we all miss her taste and her love .

My family has fond memories of my paati a.k.a grandmom who would dish out all these munchies with so much love , care and affection and would serve it all who come home with a cup of hot filter coffee. 

 Especially, if she was visiting us or we visiting her , she would make it a point to keep all my favorite snacks ready and treat me to all these goodies .  At any given point in time she would be stocked up with these tea time nibbles. 

Making of ribbon pakoda is not new in any Tamil home, infact it is a traditional and an age old recipe handed over by generations . So , needless to say the proportions to make the dough will vary from home to home . Today I shall share with you my grandmom's signature recipe.

Why is it called Ribbon Pakoda ? 

Well , the dough is passed through a Murukku Press using a slotted plate/mould and when squeezed in hot oil , the outcome resembles beautifully twisted ribbons 🎀. Hence, the name ribbon pakodam

What are the ingredients used to prepare Ribbon/Ottu Pakoda?

The basic ingredients remain the same which is gramflour, rice flour, red chilli powder , salt & unsalted butter . Some of them use hot oil in place of butter, this can be the perfect option for Vegans

What is a murukku maker / murukku press ? 

Murukku in Tamil means "Twisted" . Murukku maker is like a noodle press with a dough holder, dough press and various plates with different designs to choose from to get the desired shape of twisted crispies when squeezed in hot oil.

Sharing an image below of a traditional murukku maker with different plates. 

There are different styles and varities of murukku makers available in the market now . One can choose what ever is comfortable and convenient for easy use.

Preparation Time - 15 mins
Frying time - 30 to 40 mins 
Makes - 3 to 4 big flat murukkus
Complexity - medium 

Video demonstration 


3 cups besan/gram flour 
2 cups rice flour /arisi maav
1.5 tsp red chilli powder 
Pinch of asafoetida  (skip for GF)
Salt as needed
3 tbsp soft unsalted butter  (or) hot oil 

Ottu pakoda ,ribbon pakoda , naada pakoda , pakodam , ribbon , दिवाली special , south indian ribbon pakoda , pakodam


  • In a wide mixing bowl, add the besan , rice flour, salt , red chilli powder , Asafoetida and mix it nicely with a spoon or your hand.
  • Now add the butter and rub it well into the flour to form a crumbly mixture. If using hot oil for vegan version, then pour the oil over the flour mixture and slowly mix it to get crumbly texture ..adjust butter or oil.if you feel.the four is too dry.
  • Add water little by little and knead a soft but pliable dough . 
  • Grease the murukku maker with oil inside . Take a small  portion of the dough and pass it through the mould in hot oil and fry on both sides till they turn crisp and golden brown.
  • Drain it and store in an airtight container.


  • The oil has to be heated well and then reduce it to medium while frying. 
  • The sizzling has to stop completely before you can drain it out .
  • The dough may appear sticky due to the texture of gramflour, as long as you are able to press the murukku maker effortlessly then the consistency is perfect. 
  • Incase you find it too hard to press the dough through the murukku apparatus ,sprinkle a little water and loosen the dough by kneading again. 
  • The ribbon may appear soft soon after removing from oil but with time it will become crisp . Donot close the container lid soon after removing from hot oil .

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Ottu pakoda ,ribbon pakoda , naada pakoda , pakodam , ribbon , दिवाली special , south indian ribbon pakoda , pakodam


  1. I love these crispy ribbon murrukku. So addictive. These are perfect for Diwali to serve along with the sweets as we need some namkeen too. I make similar ones with the addition of mashed potato

    1. Thanks shobha ji. Indeed namkeen is a must with mithaai.. adding potatoes seems to be a nice innovation. Let me try once

  2. The crispy ribbon pakoda looks delicious. This is a snack we can enjoy anytime, picnics, travel or midnight snacks. Can't stop eating them.

    1. Yea these make perfect for travel too. Thanks

  3. Grandmoms recipes are always a treasure. Ribbon pakoda is so addictive . Perfect snack for this Diwali!!

    1. Thanks dear ..paati vaidhiyam and paati samayal both special illaya ?

  4. These are my fav from childhood days. Always my mom and grandmom makes sure that it doest get empty. Loved the crispy ones of yours.

    1. Same here. We also used to have this almost all through the year :-)

  5. Crispy ribbon pakoda, love this easy to make snack! This is such an addictive snack, great for tea time too!!!

    1. You said it priya .. this is an addictive one can stop with one

  6. When a recipe you make that brings in sweet memories then its even more enjoyable. What a wonderful snack to enjoy during festival times. I've tasted it once but have not tried making ribbon pakoda at home.

    1. Do try it mayuri ji . You will love it . It is very simple and hardly takes time.

  7. Love this one, it is tasty and perfect snack for the festival. Nice post of ribbon pakoda.

  8. I love the shape and can't wait to try these. Since we dont have muruku press here, I have found cookie press works just as good. Although I have tried muruku before never the ribbon one. This is definitely next!


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