September 25, 2021

South Indian Lunch (Saatvik) - Thali #4

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 Weekends are leisure time when the whole family gets to have a peaceful sit down meal over some chit chat and banter.  It had been a long time since I prepared and served an elaborate meal for my family.

This morning too as always I dint have this thali planned on my cards ,but as I went about cooking it just happened and by the time I finished cooking, I was elated with the outcome. 

The items on the thaali are very simple to make and did not need any special ingredients.  All the veggies needed were sitting right in my vegetable basket and so my job became a lot simpler.   

Every recipe on the thali is already on my blog,so all you have to do is click on the individual names below on the menu and viola,you shall be redirected to the detailed recipe post . 

Carrot Kosambri 

Aloo Capsicum Sambar 

Chou Chou Carrot Curry 

Tomato Rasam 

Carrot Payasam 

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  1. Super variety of thali meals here. Love each creation as these all call for comfort on a sunday kind of lunch too.


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