October 10, 2021

Badam Elaichi Shrikhand | बादाम इलायची श्रीखंड

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 Shrikand needs no introduction. Traditional dessert made from hung curd in various flavors is a must have accompaniment during a festive meal in states of Maharashtra and Gujarat.  

Needless to say, having grown up in the cosmopolitan, buzzling city of Bombay, shrikand has always been a part of my life . Me and my dad love to have hot puris or fluffy fulkas with creamy shrikand . Mum on the other hand was not a great fan of shrikand and I must say hubby too doesn't relish sweets as much and shrikand is a big No for him .  So shrikand makes a rare appearance these days at my home . 

Kesar Pista Shrikand is already on the blog and now it is time for Badam Elaichi Shrikand . The chopped bits of almonds/badams hidden inside the shrikand are  great to bite into. I also add some cardamom seeds as is to shrikand along with fine cardamom powder . 

Shrikand is a royal treat to serve your guests or even make it as a prasad during Ganesh Chaturthi or Navaratri. 

Pre Preparation time - 2 to 5 hrs 

Cooking Time - Nil 

Actual Preparation - 5 mins 

Serves - 2 to 3


400ml thick yogurt or dahi or curd

1/2 tsp cardamom powder 

1 - 2 whole cardamoms

4 to 5 strands saffron /kesar 

2 to 3 tablespoons chopped unsalted badam /almonds 

3 tbsp powdered  sugar 

Preparation of Hung curd

Take a wide mixing bowl and place a strainer over it lined with a muslin cloth/ cotton cloth and pour the curd into the cloth . I have used shop bought thick curd for an even consistency. 

Bring the ends of the cloth together, squeeze it once and tie it very tightly . Place a heavy object over the tied cloth and leave the colander over the mixing bowl so that all the whey water will get collected in it . Keep squeezing the cloth occasionally to drain the excess water . 

After about 2 to 3 hrs , you can see all the whey collected in the bowl below and when you open the cloth all that is left is thick creamy mass which is hung curd . Squeeze it once again before removing it from the cloth to ensure there is no water content left.  When you touch the hung curd , it should appear thick and creamy without any excess water.  If you find it watery, leave it for somemore time in  the cloth with the weight on . 

Donot waste the collected whey, you can use it while kneading the dough for rotis or even to prepare buttermilk or Chaas

Preparation of Shrikhand

  • Transfer the hung curd to a wide mixing bowl .Add in the powdered sugar , chopped almonds. Saffron strands ,cardamom powder and the cardamom seeds.
  • Mix well with a spoon until all the ingredients blend well . Keep it in the refrigerator for it to set well . 
  • Take it off the refrigerator just before serving. 


  1. Badam elaichi shrikhand sounds and looks yum. I love the multitasking stone was reminded of my childhood.

  2. Badam elaichi shrikhand sounds lovely for diwali dessert. Soothing cool, creamy shrikand needs no more words. Love it already.

  3. We're a family of shrikhand lovers, I usually have to make a huge batch to last us at least for 2-3 days. Badam Elaichi Shrikhand looks so creamy, and super tempting. I find the ready made ones too sweet and slightly liquidy, so prefer making it at home.

  4. We love shrikhand at home . Badam Elia hi flavoured shrikhand looks super tempting. Always love to make it home . You
    You have explained it so well with all the tips and tricks. Love this rich and creamy shrikhand.

  5. Shrikhand is tasty and a festive treat. As you said, I too have grown up eating Shrikhand, but do not make much at home. Hope to make sometime soon.


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