October 30, 2021

Thikkat Shankarpali | Spicy Shankarpaali | तिखट जीरा शंकरपाली

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 Shankarpali , Shakkarpare is a very special snack made during Diwali in most households in India . Known by many names according to region, this is a must have in Maharashtra and Gujarat .  There is  sweet  and  savory version of this yummy and crunchy snack.

Traditionally shankarpali is made using maida / APF ,but these days whole wheat flour is also used owing to health reasons . I for one have grown up eating the spicy Shankarpali made using maida and atleast during Diwali I make this  unfailingly using maida . 

My paati a.k.a grand mom would always keep this stocked round the year and she would say no one can fail with this recipe.  She was an expert in making all types of sweets and savories.

To prepare Thikkat / Spicy Shankarpaali is actually a breeze and the measurements are totally eye ball / random . Unlike other sweets or savories we need not worry about any particular consistency, perfect roasting etc.  

Just 5 basic ingredients viz ; maida ,salt, red chilli powder,  turmeric powder ,cumin seeds and oil to fry from our usual kitchen pantry and we are ready to make this crunchy munchy shankarpaali . This is also known as Thukkadi or Khaara Diamond cuts in the south .

The sweet shakkarpare is very tasty and flaky with subtle sweetness making it delectable and gentle on our palate . I am yet to make the sweet version and you can watch out this space for the recipe when I upload it soon.

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Preparation Time - 15 mins
Frying Time - 8 mins per batch 
Serves - 3 to 4 
Complexity - Simple 

1.5  cups maida / APF 
2 tsp red chilli powder 
1 tsp turmeric powder 
1 tsp cumin seeds /jeera 
Salt as needed 
2 tbsp hot oil 
Oil to deep fry 


  • In a wide mixing bowl ,add the maida ,red chilli,turmeric, salt and jeera and roughly mix with your fingers .
  • Pour 2 tbsp of hot oil over this dry ingredients and rub it well with both your hands to form a crumbly mixture . This is very important to get crunchy and crisp shankarpaali.
  • Add water little by little and knead to a smooth but tight dough.
  • Keep the dough covered to rest for 5 to 10 mins .
  • Pinch out a big lemon sized dough ,dust your working platform with little maida and roll out the dough into a medium thick roti .
  • Take a knife or pizza cutter and mark cuts to form diamonds or small squares .
  • Take these cut pieces and keep them on a plate while you heat the oil. 
  • Once the oil is heated properly reduce to medium and drop these pieces into hot oil carefully and fry them with occasional flipping until it turns crisp and golden brown. The oil must stop sizzling before you can remove it .
  • Drain it carefully and let it rest for a while before you transfer to a container. 
  • The shankar pali may look soft initially after frying but it will get crisp in about 20 mins.
  • Transfer to an airtight box and keep covered. 

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  1. Perfectly made thikkat shankarpali! I have to make some for Diwali will definitely make it tomorrow. Thanks for the measures.

    1. Thanks Archana..the best part of shankar paali is one can never fail even if we alter the measurements here and there :-) .a very good confidence booster for beginners

  2. Very nice teatime snack. Looks nice and crispy.During festive season this is perfect namkeen as we have so many sweets.

  3. No Diwali is complete without these savoury sakarparas. Yours look delicious and they are so crispy. Perfect with a cup of tea.

  4. Thikkat Shankarpali is what I have been always wanting to try. We make namak pare, but never the thikkat shakarpali. Now that the recipe is here, I can refer to your blog when I make it. This is always a welcome with tea or for the small hunger pangs.

  5. I love anything savoury and these look so crisp and crunchy. Would love to make some of these too.

  6. Priya when my kids were young, they use to go through bowlfuls of this namkeen para as we call it. I haven't made them in a long time. Your thikkat shankarpali are a reminder that I should make some soon.We also add some ajwain to it.

  7. Thikkat shankarpali looks so crispy and crunchy. I love the savory version anytime than the sweet version. So addictive snacks with Tea.

  8. Amazing! My mom makes this as well as the sweet ones. Love your recipe!

  9. these are so tempting priya.... the spicy flavors are just perfect to enjoy with masala chai for me. Totally my kinda as I like savory over sweet

  10. Spiced shankarpali looks so crispy crunchy and absolutely delicious. We call it nimki. Never used turmeric. Loved the beautiful colour of these shankarpali. Next time I will also use turmeric.

  11. Spicy Shankarpali is perfect to offset the numerous sweets that are made during Diwali. One can enjoy them with a cup of tea. I always make these with just salt and ajwain. Next time will try with spices.

  12. Spicy shankarpali is a addictive snack . Looks so crisp and crunchy. Adding turmeric sounds interesting. Lovely snack for any festive occasion.Will try adding turmeric next time .


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