December 13, 2021

Araichuvitta Sambar - Tamil Nadu special

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 Sambar is a quintessential item on the daily menu . There are varities of sambar we make on a day to day basis and the recipe slightly varies in each home to match the taste and liking of the family. 

Every home will have a stock of the staple sambar masala or sambar podi as we call in Tamil in the pantry . This is the most essential ingredient to make a delicious sambar .

Araichuvitta Sambar is a typical and traditional recipe from Tamil Nadu.  We prepare a fresh spice mix and grind it with coconut and make sambar using this aromatic and flavorful spice mix.  Araichivitta sambar is made on special occasions like festivals or functions and even marriages.  

Araikardhu in Tamil means grinding..since we grind a fresh masala ,this sambar is known as Araichuvitta Sambar . 

For araichuvitta sambar , we roast the dry spices until crisp and aromatic.  This is then ground along with fresh coconut to a fine paste.  Mixed vegetables are par boiled and then simmered in tamarind water until the raw flavor is lost to which is added the boiled thoor dhall and the coconut paste . The entire mixture is simmered until the dal and coconut mix blend well and you can experience a wonder aroma envelope your kitchen.  Lastly ,freshly prepared tempering of mustard seeds and asafoetida is poured over the piping hot sambar.  Serve it with hot rice and a nice stir fry of your choice . 

Preparation Time - 15 mins 
Cooking Time - 20 mins
Serves - 3 to 4
Complexity - medium 


To roast & grind
2 tbsp dhaniya /corriander seeds 
1 tbsp channa dal 
1/4 tsp pepper corns 
Few fenugreek seeds 
4 to 5 dry red  chillies 
Few curry leaves 
3 tbsp fresh coconut 

For the sambar 
Chopped mixed vegetables (beans, carrot, ash gourd , capsicum , potato)
1 cup tamarind extract 
1/2 cup thoor dhall 
Salt as needed
Pinch of jaggery 
1tsp mustard seeds 
Pinch of asafoetida 


  • Par boil the chopped vegetables in 1 cup water with a little salt .
  • Pressure cook the thoor dhall with turmeric. The dhall must be mushy and soft . Adjust water accordingly. I normally use 2 cups of water for 1/2 cup thoor dhall and pressure cook for 3 whistles on medium flame .
  • Roast all the ingredients in 1tsp oil ( under the roast & grind ) except the coconut. Start with the channa dhall followed by the dhaniya,  curry leaves,  fenugreek seeds ,pepper and then red chillies. let it cool , then add the fresh coconut and grind it to a fine paste with sufficient water.

  • Add the tamarind extract to the par boiled vegetables and boil until the tamarind loses it raw flavor . 
  • While the tamarind is simmering ,add the mashed thoor dhall ,adjust salt and bring to a rolling boil .
  • Add the coconut masala paste, quickly stir to mix it well .continue cooking until you see the sambar frothing . Be very attentive and keep stirring else the coconut paste has a tendency to stick to the bottom and burn giving a very bad taste.  Cook on low flame .
  • Once you see the sambar frothing and bubbling add the jaggery and fresh chopped corriander and turn off. 
  • Prepare a tempering of mustard seeds in hot oil with asafoetida and fresh curry leaves and pour it over the araichuvitta sambar .
  • Serve hot with rice,  ghee , vegetable stir fry and some papads.  I served Cabbage Peas stir fry alongside the araichuvitta sambar. 


  1. I love araivhuvitta sambar with freshly ground masala. Weekends are always a delicious southinfian traditional fare at my place . Sambar with curd chilli tadka is absolutely irresistible. Will add fenugreek next time and make it sometime soon.

  2. We love Arachuvitta Sambar at home! The freshly ground spice mix adds so much flavour to the dish.

    Your sambar looks just perfect, just the right consistency and colour, and very flavourful.

  3. I love sambhar. And this araichuvitta sambhar looks so inviting. I would love to have this delicious and flavorful sambhar with hot steamed rice or idli. Loved the use of freshly ground spices.

  4. Sambhar with freshly ground masala must be tasting so delicious. I can have bowlful of it just like that. Thanks for the wonderful share. This looks inviting.

  5. Nothing can beat the taste of araichuvitta sambar. Extremely flavorful with freshly grounded masala. Looks so delicious.


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