November 29, 2021

3 in 1 Flavored Sweet Corn

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 Sweet corn makes a perfect ingredient for making healthy salads and starters for parties and get togethers .

We can cook the sweet corn in bulk and season it in less than 5mins just before serving. Sweet corns are very easy to cook and doesn't require any special skills .

I prefer to keep a pack of frozen corn always in my fridge to take care of sudden hunger pangs or to treat unexpected guests. 

A few years ago ,these flavored and tasty sweet corn took by the storm and was a hot favorite among kids as well as elders. There would be small food carts stationed at malls , theaters and many other prominent public places where the vendor would dish out lipsmacking piping hot corn in small cups with a lot of flavors .It was fascinating to see how corn be constantly being steamed in a steamer and the vendor would very efficiently dish out various flavors based on customer demands and hand it out perfectly. 

My favorite would always be desi masala and spicy chilli butter . Both these flavors would be so tasty and the after taste with essence of lime juice will be refreshing.   Today,I thought of recreating the same flavors in my kitchen and these were so apt and tongue tickling for the gloomy and chill weather in my city .

Beetroot corn bites by Preethi is on my cards soon . The recipe shared by her is a must try as it is not deep fried and makes it a healthy and nutritious snack for a guilt free indulgence. 


3 cups frozen corn 

2 cups water 

50 gms salted butter

1 tsp chat masala

1 tsp red chilli powder 

1/2 tsp kala namak /black salt 

2 tbsp lemon juice 

Salt as needed 


  • Wash the frozen corn thoroughly and boil it in a deep sauce pan until the corn kernels are fluffy and well cooked .
  • Drain the water using a colander .
  • Divide the corn kernels into 3 portions .

Classic Salted flavor

Add some salt to one portion of the boiled corn and add 2 -3 tsp of melted butter and mix it well .

Serve hot ..adjust salt based on your liking.  Remember that the butter is also salted,hence add salt cautiously. 

Chilli Butter Flavor 

Add salt, 2 - 3 tsp melted butter ,red chilli powder and 1/2 tsp lime juice to a portion of cooked frozen corn and mix well and serve .

Indian Desi Masala Flavor

Add salt, 2 - 3 tsp melted butter ,chat masala, kala namak, 1/4 tsp red chilli powder and 1/2 tsp lime juice to a portion of cooked frozen corn and mix well and serve.

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  1. Delicious sweet corn flavoured varieties Priya. I love all of them but desi masala flavor stole my heart. Perfect holiday treat to enjoy . It is so easy and quick to make. Lovely flavors priya.

  2. My daughter loves piping hot sweet corn, and so do I! Love the different flavour varieties you have shared here. The Chilli Butter flavour is interesting.

  3. I always love hot spiced sweet corn. And your three different flavoured sweet corn sounds lipsmackingly delicious. Awesome share.

  4. Who can resist a flavorful bowl of buttered sweet corn ! Love the 3 different flavorings you have used .

  5. These are such a delicious crowd pleaser. perfect for parties or having it just like that. Loved the different flavours you shared. Wonderful share.

  6. Super delicious snack and pretty healthy too. The first I tasted it was in Bangalore at the PVR. Since then this is my favourite snack to go to when I'm craving for something hot and chatpata. I love sweet corn with either pepper or red chilli powder.

  7. Our favourite snack. Nice to see three different versions. I will try out all of them one by one.

  8. My son is so fond of this corn. It is healthy and no oil used. I loved the three flavors you have mentioned. Going through this post has boosted me to make it. Nice post.

  9. My son loves corn, nice to have so many spices and flavors for everyday corn. Bookmarked this for the future.

  10. Oh my corn is my personal favorite, give me hot corn with indian masala, i will be one happy kid! Totally love all the flavors, such a simple and easy snack to make!

  11. Love all three flavours of the sweetcorn you have made. The desi one is my favourite. Like you, I like to keep sweetcorn handy as we can make quick and healthy snacks with it.

  12. this 3-flavour corn would surely entice the little one who likes fancy dishes :-)


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