October 03, 2022

Khimchi - Asian Cuisine

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 If you are a Chinese food lover, then Khimchi is not a new item.  I was introduced to khimchi when I first dined at Mainland China years ago. Mainland China is one of the most popular Asian Fine Dine restaurant in India that serves many authentic Asian dishes .

For the uninformed, Khimchi is a way of preserving veggies like a pickle and is served alongside the main course meal . Mostly when fresh veggies aren't available either due to weather or any other factor, then this Khimchi comes to the rescue. 

 I had Googled many recipes on how-to make Khimchi at home and had been wanting to try from a long time.  Finally I narrowed down on a recipe from a popular food channel and prepared using that recipe . I was quite happy with the outcome as it was just like the one I have tasted. I made it using cabbage but there are many variants where you can add carrots, daikons etc as well.

This month in our food bloggers' group Shhh cooking secretly Preethi Tandon suggested we explore jams,chutneys ,jellies or preserves from non Indian Cuisine and viola it was the best time to make and enjoy this yummy Khimchi which was a long over due to present itself on the blog.

My partner for this month is the enthusiastic blogger Seema who gave me the versatile ingredients soy sauce and sugar while I gave her  Cumin and lemon as the secret ingredients. with Seema has made a lipsmacking Quince Chutney.. If only I could lay my hands on that chutney now,I would be in the 7th heaven relishing it :-) 

Preparation Time - 3 to 4 hrs
Cooking Time - Nil
Complexity - simple


3 cups finely chopped Cabbage
1/4 cup Dark soy sauce 
1/4 cup Vinegar 
2tbsp Chili flakes
Salt as needed 
1 tbsp Sugar 
2 tsp Little garlic powder 
1 tbsp Finely  grated ginger
Sesame oil while serving 


  • In a wide mixing bowl , take the cabbage and mix it with salt and some chilli flakes . Let this rest for 3 to 4 hrs 
  • After 3 to 4 hrs the cabbage will appear wilted and soggy.Squeeze out  as much juice you can from the cabbage and transfer it to another bowl.
  • In this bowl,now add in all the ingredients except the oil and mix it well.
  • Store it in sterilized glass jar,cover it properly and let it ferment for 24hrs .this step is very important to get the perfect taste and texture. 
  • Refrigerate after 24hrs and always use a dry spoon while scooping out from the jar.
  • Drizzle some sesame  oil over the khimchi just before you serve.

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  1. I am not a huge fan of cabbage but love the slight sweetish and sour taste of khimchi. Your recipe is so easy to follow and best part that it is free from fish oils, shrimps, etc.

    1. Same here. I too liked this recipe as it is sans fish oil

  2. I love Kimchi and this is a simple method I have come across. I will definitely give it a try soon. Thanks

  3. we have Kimchi fans at home and I will try this easy and delish method sometime ! - Kalyani

  4. We loved this matured Kimchi Salad. I am quite impressed with this easy recipe and will try it soonest. Nice post.

  5. Kimchi this way sounds fantastic. I havent tried Kimchi with soy, though I am sure that will be hugely flavourable.

  6. Perfectly made Kimchi! We love the Mainland china Kimchi and I will love to duplicate this dish. Perfect for our meal tomorrow.

  7. I have to make this khimchi for ages but never made it. Have tasted it many times here. Now I have a recipe which I can try.

  8. Mainland china was my favorite haunt in Bengaluru too. SO glad to have a recipe similar to theirs for kimchi. The kimchi recipe that circulates here is very different, so happy to have a different version.

  9. Love this easy version of Khimchi. It is bursting with flavours . Your recipe is slightly different from the usal ones. Will definitely try this one soon. — Preethi

  10. I am a huge fan of kimchi, but I have been unable to recreate the same flavours at home. Yours looks perfectly made and delicious. Definitely trying it out your way. 🙂

  11. I remember having khimchi during our last trip, now this seems quite easy to do. Lovely one Priya.

  12. We are kimchi lovers! We add daikon to it, but this version sounds super tasty too! I love this easy recipe.

  13. I am yet to try kimchi though I have got a little pack to try it, after watching all the Korean K-drama stars devor them as if there is no tomorrow... Hehe... This version sounds quite easy to start with... Thanks for sharing...

  14. Loved your easy and simple recipe. Khimchi looks absolutely delicious and very easy to make. I will try it sometime.

  15. Khimchi looks absolutely delicious and very easy to make. I will try this easy and simple recipe.


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