August 03, 2023

Vendakka Kichadi (Pachadi) | Fried ladies finger (okra) in coconut yogurt sauce - Sadhya special

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 Kichadi (Pachadi) is an integral part of a festive meal (Sadhya) in Kerala. Kerala style kichadi must not be confused with the North Indian Khichdi which is a rice based main course recipe. 

 Onam and Vishu Sadhya is incomplete without serving a kichadi . Kichadi also known as Pachadi in few regions of Kerala,is a yogurt based side dish often made from various vegetables like Okra/ladies finger ,ginger ,tomato, Cucumbers, ash gourd etc .

Kichadi pairs well with Sambar Rice and a coconut based vegetable stir fry . One can even make it as a part of day to day meal as well. Why wait for a special occasion to savor such a healthy delicacy ? 

Vendakkai Thayir Kichadi/Pachadi   is made from okra/ladies finger . Ladies finger is known as Vendakka or Vendakkai in Malayalam/ Tamil.

Chopped ladies finger is shallow fried in coconut oil and then added to the coconut chilli paste mixed in yogurt. The yogurt must not be spur, else it will ruin the taste of the kichadi /pachadi.

Some recipes call for cooking the coconut chilli paste + yogurt ,but in this recipe I am not cooking the yogurt mixture . I am going to just add the fried Okra to the yogurt mix along with the tempering. 

Some popular kichadi /pachadi served as part of Sadhya 

Inji (Ginger) Thayir  Kichadi 

Thakali (Tomato) Kichadi 

Vellarikai Inji (Cucumber Ginger )Thayir 

Vellarikai (Cucumber) kichadi

This month in our SHHH Secretly Cooking Challenge food group,we are celebrating Sadhya special hosted by me . My fellow bloggers have come up with amazing and authentic Kerala Sadhya recipes . My partner for this month ,Radha Rajagopalan has dished out the traditional Ada Pradhaman ,which is a classic dessert from Kerala. Do check out her recipe for Ada Pradhaman without fail .  

To know more about the dishes served in a typical Sadhya for Onam / Vishu, check out the list soon after the recipe of Vendakkai Kichadi. I am giving you a complete list of authentic recipes.

Preparation Time - 10mins
Cooking Time- 5 mins
Complexity - simple
Serves - 2 to 3 


1/4 cup fresh grated coconut 
2 green chillies
1/2 tsp jeera/cumin
8 to 10 tender ladies finger/okra/vendakkai
200ml  thick yogurt/dahi/thayir
Salt as needed
2 tsp coconut oil
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1 dry red chilli
Few curry leaves 


  • Wash and dry the ladies finger. Cut into medium sized roundels. 
  • Whisk the yogurt well and make it lump free and smooth. 
  • Grind the green chillies, coconut,jeera with 1tbsp yogurt and some water  into a smooth paste.
  • Add this paste to the yogurt and mix it well with adequate salt.
  • In a frying pan,heat 1tsp of coconut oil and roast the ladies finger until it crispy  ,add a little salt to the roasted ladies finger in the end .
  • Prepare a tempering of mustard seeds,red chilli and curry leaves in the remaining coconut oil .
  • Add the roasted ladies finger ,tempering to the yogurt mixture and mix it well .Delicious and tasty vendakkai kichadi is ready to be served .

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  1. What a wonderful tempting kichadi recipe. Crispy okra in coconut sounds so good. Can't wait to get to the Indian store to buy some okra so that I can make vendakka kichadi in my kitchen.

  2. Vendakka kichadi is a unique way of using the vendakkais. Home sadhyas always had vendakkai kichdi and i like how lovely it tastes.

  3. I love Vendakkai Pachadi. The crisp okra, sour curd, nutty coconut and heat from the green chillies come together so beautifully.

  4. I am a sucker for vedakka. Vendekka Kichadi is super addictive. Perfect blend of flavors . We enjoy it at home too. - Preethi

  5. That looks so good and a different way to enjoy some bhindi.

  6. Ahh! I love the use of coconut paste in making this vendakka kichadi! I never added coconut paste so tomorrow I am making some for our lunch. Thanks.

  7. Vendakka kichadi looks very inviting, goes well with rice and roti's. Creamy coconut nd yogurt mixture looks soo tempting and fried crispy okra is main in this recipe, loved it.

  8. Vendakka kichadi looks very inviting, goes well with rice and roti's. Creamy coconut nd yogurt mixture looks soo tempting and fried crispy okra is main in this recipe, loved it. -Aruna

  9. Vendakkai Kichadi is tasty and was always a part of our daily menu. The Sadhya theme has reminded me of this dish. Looks good.

  10. Yummy! My favorite veggie with my favorite yogurt. This is a triple win as I love coconut too. This is a perfect one to serve for festive meals and this kichadi looks SO YUM and I would love to have it as a snack too.

  11. Vendakka pachadi looks very delicious. I love the crisp lady's finger in yogurt. One of the best side dishes for hot steaming rice.

  12. Pachadi with ladyfingers looks super tempting. Yogurt and coconut based curry sounds interesting. Loved that you used only 2 teaspoon oil in it. Lovely share.

  13. Vendekka Kichadi is super addictive for sure... Just perfect blend of flavors . I just enjoyed while making at my place !


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