October 16, 2017

Paal payasam - Kerala sadhya special

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Very famous by the name AmbalaPuzha Paal Payasam as it is offered to Lord Guruvayurappan as prasadam on a daily basis in Guruvayoor.

Paal Payasam is a must have in any Kerala Sadhya Menu.

Traditionally,this Payasam is made in huge Bronze Vessels / Vengalai Urulis by boiling the milk and with constant stirring for hours together to bring it to the right texture and consistency . The slow cooking is what imparts the best taste to the Payasam . 
There are many recipes,that call for the usage of readymade condensed milk to achieve the color and consistency with minimum effort.
Today's recipe does not use anything else except milk ,sugar and rice ,and yet achieves the perfect color and taste by using the Pressure cooker on slow flame.

Recipe courtesy : Good friends from a Food Group on Social Media (Gayathri Usha  , Lakshmi Vasanth & Anusha Srihari)

Preparation Time : Nil
Cooking Time : 35-40 min
Complexity : Simple

Read the Notes and Tips section without fail to get the perfect payasam

full fat milk - 1/2 litre.
handful of washed raw rice.
1/2 cup sugar. ( 50-70 gms)


  • In a 3 lit pressure cooker,  boil 1/2 litre milk, 
  • As soon it boils , add a handful of washed raw rice and 1/2 cup sugar.
  • Stir it well, close the cooker lid with the whistle on and on medium flame and let it give about 4/5 whistles .
  • Let it rest for a while and the pressure should release naturally . Open up slowly and carefully.
  • Yummy paal payasam is ready.

Notes & Tips

  • Ensure that the cooker is thoroughly sterlised and cleaned well with hot water,to prevent the milk from curdling / getting spoilt.
  • Cooker capacity should be atleast twice the quantity of milk. i.e if using 1 litre milk,cooker should be of  3 lit capacity.
  •  I used 2% fat milk, hence had to give about 7/8 whistles as against 4/5 mentioned in the recipe above.This extra whistle helped in condensing of the milk and achieving the colour.
  •  I have made with just 1/2 litre milk and 1/2 cup sugar as it was trial basis .
  •  To know if you have achieved the pinkish colour, look on your cooker lid after the whistles blow, the milk droplets that settle down will initially be white in colour and as the whistle progresses you can see the milk drops drying in pinkish colour . That stage you can turn off the stove.
  • Once the lid is opened,if you feel the milk needs further condensation,close it and give out some whistles extra based on your judgement.
  •  I cooked on medium flame throughout as I dint want to risk at any cost . 
  • You can drop a small plate inside the cooker base,such that the milk does not spill out.

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