October 12, 2018

Bansi Rava Sheera | Broken Wheat Sheera

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Bansi Rava is obtained from wheat and slightly darker in color as compared to the regular rava / sooji that is used for making sheera , upma etc. Bansi rava is also known by the name Bareek Lapsi . Bareek meaning fine and Lapsi is the name for rava/sooji/semolina obtained from Wheat.

I thank a good friend of mine and a fellow blogger who reminded me off this name "Bareek Lapsi" after reading my recipe. Do check her blog Priyadarshini's Kitchen for some amazing recipes.

Bansi Rava is quite popular in southern India and is used widely in Karnataka for making Upma . The recipe for Bansi Rava Upma can be found in my blog.
Today, I am presenting to you a sweet made from Bansi Rava called as Bansi Rava Kesari or Naatu Rava kesari . Kesari is also known as Sheera in the North and Sajjige in Karnataka .

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Cooking Time : 15-20 mins
Complexity : Simple

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1 cup Bansi rava (75 gms approx)
2 cups of milk
few strands of saffron (optional)
3/4 or 1 cup sugar
few chopped cashews and almonds
4-5 tablespoon ghee/ clarified butter
2 tsp cardamom powder

In a pan ,heat about 2 tablespoon ghee and fry the almonds and cashew until they turn golden brown.
Add in the rava to the same ghee and roast it until you get a nice nutty flavor and the rava turns a little dark brown . Donot over roast it which will cause it to burn. Do it on medium flame always.

Reduce the flame to lowest and pour the boiling milk carefully over the roasted rava and quickly stir to remove all lumps. Add in the saffron and let the rava cook well until all the milk is absorbed into the rava.
Note : I have used milk for making sheera, alternatively you can use only water also . Replace 2 cups milk with 2 cups boiling water.

Add the sugar, cardamom powder and mix it well . The mixture will become loose and appear watery as sugar melts in the heat.Donot panic, keep stirring and in about 4-5 minutes all the sugar will get mixed well and the sheera will form a nice mass and leave the sides of the pan.

Add the remaining ghee mix well and turn off the stove and let the sheera rest for about 10 mins before serving . The sheera will appear nice and grainy once it cools down and sets well.

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