October 08, 2018

Rava Payasam | Sooji Kheer | Rava Kheer

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Rava Paysam / Kheer is a very quick and easy to whip up dessert incase you have sudden guests or visitors at home or need a simple yet tasty dessert for a kitty party . This can be rustled up in less than 20 mins with bare minimum ingredients which are always available in our kitchen pantry .
This dessert will yield a nice quantity as rava when roasted and cooked will swell up well increasing the volume of the dessert .

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Cooking Time : 15 mins
Complexity : simple

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2-3 tablespoon rava / semolina/ sooji (I have used the rava we use for making upma)
2 cups boiled milk (400 ml approx)
1.5 cups sugar or a little more if you like extra sweetness
few strands of saffron
few cashew nuts chopped
2 tablespoons ghee / clarified butter
1 tsp cardamom powder


  • In a pan, heat about 1 tablespoon ghee and roast the rava until you get a nice aroma.
  • Slowly, add in the boiled milk to this and quickly stir to avoid lump formation.
  • Add the saffron strands and mix well and let the milk boil so that the rava gets cooked.
  • The rava will slightly swell up on cooking, at this stage add the sugar and stir well.
  • The kheer will appear a little watery on adding sugar,but never mind,let the mixture boil for another 6-7 minutes and it will thicken again. Keep stirring to avoid burning or sticking to the pan.
  • Lastly add in the cashews roasted in ghee along with the cardamom powder and serve . 

As time passes, the kheer will become thick because the rava will absorb the milk,so while serving you can add some warm milk and dilute it .

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