June 26, 2019

South Indian Lunch - Thali #1

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Often there are times when we have had heavy and rich food for a few days and we crave for something light but healthy too .
When we say light food , it necessarily doesn't have to be tasteless or bland . Today ,I shall present to you a simple south Indian Saatvik Thali which is a balanced platter at the same time light on stomach and aids digestion. Incorporating this kind of meal , once a week is very beneficial for maintaining good health and remain fit.
 (Recipe links are given below )

This platter consists of

Piping hot Rice with ghee - A drop of ghee with rice is very essential as it acts as a lubricant,enabling easy digestion .Ghee is so known to clear our digestive system and prevents accumulation of gas and bloating of our body.

 Vethakuzhambu - Tamarind based gravy ; meaning reduction of tamarind extract with necessary spices .

Tomato Rasam - South Indian tomato soup with a blend of spices and tomato puree.

Mix Vegetable stir fry  - A simple stir fry curry using potatoes,carrot and peas with a seasoning of mustard seeds , salt and very little chilli powder for spice factor.

Last but not the least, fresh Alphonso Mangoes and a glass of chilled Buttermilk .

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