June 22, 2019

Chutney Pulao - Vegan One Pot meal

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Pulao varieties are very easy to prepare at the same time filling and healthy too. I keep experimenting with different flavors of pulao but this particular Chutney Pulao was in my to do list for a long time since I had tasted it at a fine dine restaurant. The refreshing flavor of mint and coriander chutney elevates and adds a different touch to the taste of pulao .

Preparation Time : 20 mins
Cooking Time : 30 mins
Serves : 3-4
Complexity: Medium

2 cups basmati rice
1 medium sized potato
Handful of Fresh or frozen peas
1/2 bunch fresh coriander
Handful of pudina/mint leaves
3-4 green chilies
Small piece ginger
1 small stick cinnamon/dalchini
2-3 cloves
Salt to taste
2 tablespoons oil


  • Wash the rice well and soak it for 15 mins.  Drain it in a colander and keep aside. 
  • Take the fresh coriander, ginger, few mint leaves ,salt and grind it to a fine paste .
  • In a pressure cooker vessel , heat the oil and fry the cinnamon, cloves , green chillies and some chopped pudina until you get a nice aroma.
  • Add the chopped potato cubes , peas  and saute it well until the oil coats the veggies. 
  • Mix the chutney , adjust salt and add the drained rice and mix the entire thing gently taking care not to break the rice. 
  • Add water as per the quality of your rice. I added 3.5 cups of water for 2 cups of basmati rice. 
  • Once the water starts boiling, close the pressure cooker and cook for 2 whistles on medium flame . Turn off and let the pressure release naturally.
  • Open the lid and fluff the rice gently and serve it hot with a gravy of your choice or with thick curd or raita. 
  • (Skip the curd as accompaniment when following Vegan diet. ) 


  1. You can add other veggies like carrot, beans,corn ,cauliflower as well.
  2. If using onions, saute the chopped onions after frying the whole spices and then add the vegetables. 

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  1. Chutney pulao a loved lunchbox recipe in my house. I love your idea of adding vegetables to it.

  2. This chutney pulao is indeed a one pot meal. The medley of coriander, garlic and mint greatly enhance the flavors of rice and the veggies in this pulao. I am so fond of such wholesome pulao recipes. Will bookmark this page.

  3. Chutney pulao! Used to be a standard in my place had forgotten all about it. Love the addition of veggies to the pulao. Will make some today night, thanks , Priya.

  4. Amma used to make this chutney without onion/garlic for all pulao as base.. brings back so many memories - we didn't have a name of chutney pulao then, but now we do :-) - Kalyani


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