June 16, 2019

Basundi - Traditional Indian Dessert (under 10 mins)

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Basundi is a traditional and famous Indian dessert famous in Gujarat and Maharashtra regions of India . This dessert makes use of full fat milk and the milk is simmered on a low flame with regular stirring and when the milk is reduced to half and appears creamy sugar is added and it is garnished with dry fruits, saffron and cardamom powder . The traditional method of making this recipe is time consuming and needs a lot of patience .

Today , I will present to you the microwave version using condensed milk and the dessert can be ready in 10 mins flat . This , very rich dessert can be quickly prepared in case of unexpected guests or sudden sweet cravings .
Always use full fat milk or a cream rich milk for the  best experience. 

Preparation Time - 10 mins
Cooking Time - 10 mins
Serves - 3-4
Complexity  - Simple

500ml full fat milk boiled
400 ml condensed milk
2 tsp sugar
Roughly chopped badams(almonds)and pista (pistachios)
1 tsp cardamom powder
Few strands of saffron/kesar


  • Take the boiled milk and condensed milk in a wide microwave safe bowl.
  • Add a few strands of saffron and mix them all well.
  • Microwave it for 5 mins. 
  • Take it out , stir it well , add the dry fruits , cardamom powder and microwave again for 5 mins 
  • Take it out , mix well, add 2 tsp of sugar and microwave for just 1 more min.
  • Allow it to cool down to room temperature and then chill it in the refrigerator or serve it warm .
  • If you want it slightly more thick,then microwave it for another 2 or 3 mins till you reach the desired consistency. 

Notes :
Preferably use the glass bowls which are microwave safe as it can withstand the heat well.

The bowl should be wide and have enough space so that the milk mixture doesn't over flow while cooking.

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  1. When choosing condensed milk one has to be careful as most of the brands in the market are " Filled milk" with palm oil instead of milk fat. Choose reputed brands like MILK MAID of Nestle to be sure !!

    1. I always use Nestle or Amul brand never go in for any local brands . Thanks for the advice.

  2. Nice and easy microwave version of Basundi with condensed milk. Never tried with it. This can be made when you are short of time as it is so easy.

  3. A quick and easy way to make basundi with condensed milk and in the microwave, that is awesome... will have to try out this method. Usually make it by boiling the milk and sugar till it becomes thick.

  4. Amazing!! I love Basundi and other Indian food. Thanks for this useful blog. Keep Sharing.

  5. My favourite sweet is basundi I can gorge on it like no tomorrow. Love the use of condensed milk to make basundi. Should keep that in mind next time.

  6. that's surely a quick method to make Basundi using Condensed milk. will try it for upcoming festival season sometime soon ! - Kalyani

  7. Microwave cooking is much convenient way but I always make basundi on stove and it takes lots of time to thickened the milk. Loved the idea of using confidenced milk and make in microwave in a quick and easy way. Next time I will try your recipe to make basundi. Great idea.


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