August 16, 2019

Yam / Suran / Sennaikizhangu Roast Curry

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Yam / Suran / Sennaikizhangu is probably one of the ugly looking root  vegetables but it is packed with a lot of nutritional value .Yam has a good source of dietary fiber, vit C , vit B6 along with manganese and potassium .  The vegetable is a little difficult to handle as it has a thick skin layer which appears like a  bark of a tree and is generally coated with mud . You need a sharp knife to chop that off and then the vegetable can be cut into slices or diced as per recipe.

Today's recipe is my maternal grandma's signature recipe which was passed on to my mom and then now I have taken to it . Unfortunately I have not tasted the version  made by my grandma , but have eaten the preparation by mom N number of times .  The final product has  a burst of flavors in your mouth due to the spicy and tangy marination used to coat the yam cubes .

Preparation time: 20 mins
Cooking Time : 20 mins
Complexity  : simple

250 gms yam / suran/ sennai
1 tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp rasam powder
1/2 tsp turmeric
2 tablespoon thick tamarind extract
1 tsp jaggery powder
Salt as needed
Asafoetida / hing as needed
1 tablespoon cooking oil
1 tsp mustard seeds
Few curry leaves .


  • Chop the hard skin off the yam and wash it thoroughly. 
  • Grease your palms and cut the yam into small cubes and wash them well . ( greasing with coconut oil prevents itching )
  • Drain the water and in a mixing bowl , add salt , turmeric, rasam powder, chilli powder and the tamarind extract and toss the yam cubes well until these spices coat each cube well . Let it rest for 10 mins. 

  • In a frying pan (preferably nonstick) , heat the oil and splutter the mustard seeds along with curry leaves and asafoetida.  
  • Add this marinated yam cubes in the oil and toss it well . 
  • Sprinkle some water and keep covered for about 8-10 mins . Open the lid occasionally and stir it.  

  • Once it is 3/4th done , add the jaggery powder and toss it again with a spoon of oil and cook until they turn crisp and crunchy. 
  • Turn off the stove and serve hot with rice and sambar or rice and kootu . 

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  1. Nice roast. This Iron kadai also better to have healthy roast.

  2. Yam is our favourite. This preparation looks so tasty. perfect side dish with dal chawal or curd rice.

  3. I usually cook suran with salt, turmeric and tamarind and then prepare it just like you did. After seeing your recipe, skipped the pre-cooking step and it turned out good.

  4. I love suran and your grandma's style of sennaikizhangu roast curry looks so tempting.Sounds very flavourful with rasam powder, tamarind and jaggery. Now the search for suran has become more urgent so I can prepare this dish.

  5. Yam roast curry sounds absolutely delicious. All the spices mixed yam definitely a crowd pleasure. Perfect accompany with dal chawal.

  6. Love pan roasts like this, and your blend of spices and flavors sound so inviting. Need to get some yam soon.

  7. Wow! this roast with yam sounds awesome. Such a tasty and delicious side to go with curds rice or rasam rice. Love it.

  8. Superb! I love such stir fries as Yam Roast Curry. They make a great side dish. I will surely try this and include it in our usual menu. Nice post.

  9. I have only added suran to Undhiyu - never cooked it as a curry on its own. I love the flavours you have used - rasam powder, tamarind and then jaggery at the end. It must taste delicious.

  10. Though it is ages since i have made anything with yam, this roast sounds very exciting. Do you think I will be able to pull it off with frozen yam?

  11. lip smacking senai roast and we love it with rasam saadham.. amma makes it the same way with rasam powder and jaggery :p ... I usually soak the cut yam (with skin) overnight in water or for a few hours. the skin peels off like a dream after soaking, and no mess at all !


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