April 01, 2022

Bevvu Bella (Neem flowers Jaggery mix) & Ugadi special recipes

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Bevvu (neem flowers ) bella (jaggery) is a traditional recipe prepared on the day of Ugadi and it is a must. The first thing that is served on Ugadi is this bevu Bella by the eldest member of the family.  Bevvu Bella , Panaka and Kosambri are prepared and offered to God which is then served as prasadam .

Yug means an Era and Aaadhi means Start ,so Yugadhi / Ugadi means a dawn of new era !

This bevvu Bella is a symbolic representation of our life where in we have accept both happiness and sorrow in our stride and take our live in a positive note . Jaggery is a representation of happy tidings while neem leaves denote some of bitter times we face in our life .

As I said ,Ugadi is the New Year's day as per the Indian Lunar Almanac and like any other occasion, the new year is celebrated in all glory . The house is cleaned ,the Pooja rooms are well decorated with Flowers, neem leaves and mango leaves which are all symbols of prosperity and happiness.  Beautiful rangolis are drawn in front of the portico.

Ugadi falls in the peak of summer ,hence neem leaves are used in abundance because of the so many medicinal properties it possess. The neem leaves are hung outside the main door as well as the Pooja room and it acts a natural disinfectant  and pest control to keep the tiny insects away .

What is  a festival without food ?? Like any other happy occasion there is lot of traditional food prepared on the special day of Ugadi and the meal is enjoyed by all the family members 

A typical Ugadi menu will have the following items . (Click the links below for recipe) .

Obbatu / poli/Holige is also made as part of the menu . This recipe will be up shortly on the blog.


Thovve/ Plain Dal

Southekaai Kosamri (cucumber salad)

Maavinkaai Uppinkaai (Mango pickle)

Majjige Huli (yogurt based curry) 


Mix Veg Sambar 

Beans Palya (Beans curry )


Aloo Gadde Palya (Potato Curry)

Aam Vade (Dal Vada / Lentil Fritters )

Gass Gasse Payasa (Poppy seeds kheer)

Maavinkaai Chitranna (Mango Rice) 

Puliyogre (Tamarind Rice)

Tomato Rasam 

Curd /Yogurt

Preparation Time - 5 mins
Cooking Time - nil
Complexity - simple


3 to 4 tbsp powdered jaggery 

Few fresh neem flowers / dried flowers 


  • Slightly crush the neem flowers with your fingers and mix it with the powdered jaggery . If you want you can add a tsp of honey and mix it .
  • Offer it to the God along with panaka and kosambri and then distribute it among the family members. 

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  1. New Year is for sure a new era.. new opportunities, new day to forgive, forget and move forward. A wonderful tradition to include neem flowers in food, drink, Pooja and as decoration.

  2. Good to know about the variety of bevu bella that you prepare Priya. The festive platter remains the same though we make a different kind of payasam (rice or vermicellli).

  3. No ugadi meal is complete without bevu bella. Nice options for the festive meal too !

  4. Hee in my place everyone tries to get out of bevu Bella. I love the Ugadi platter you have dished out. Ghasghase payasa is something I need to make it.


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