April 16, 2022

Aval Payasam | Poha Kheer - Rice Flakes pudding

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 Aval Payasam is a quick Indian dessert that can be made easily using just milk and sugar . Known as Atukula Paysa in Telugu, avlakki payasa in kannada and Poha Kheer in Hindi. Thick variety rice flakes is best for making Aval Paysam . It is flavored with cardamom powder,  dry fruits and saffron which makes it rich and exotic.

Aval Payasam is made as prasadam for many festivals like Krishna Jayanthy,  Navaratri, Ganesha Chaturthi, Mahashivratri,Onam,Vishu ,Pournami etc.

Today is the auspicious Chitra Pournami which is celebrated widely in Tamil Nadu and has a very important significance and dedicated to Chitra gupta .It is believed that Lord Chitragupta  keeps records of our good and bad deeds and on this day people pray and ask for forgiveness.  People flock to holy river to take a dip which is symbolic of washing away sins . Milk based paysam is made on this day for offering and we can make this delicious Aval Paysam as prasadam. 

Likewise,  In North,there is a tradition to prepare  Doodh Kheer for Khojagiri Poonam also known as Sharad Purnima dedicated to Lord Mahalaxmi. Many homes make this delicious Poha kheer for celebration.

In South India, especially Karnataka and Tamil Nadu Rice is not eaten during fasting ,hence Aval/Poha or Wheat based items are preferred to be offered as Prasadam and eaten.  Aval Payasam/ Avalakki Payasa is one of the most preferred and delicious prasadam for Shivratri in Karnataka .

Preparation Time - 10 mins
Cooking Time - 15 mins
Complexity - simple
Serves - 3 to 4


1/4 cup thick poha /thick rice flakes
1/4 cup sugar 
1/4 cup water
3 cups boiled milk
Few strands saffron
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
2 tsp ghee 
Assorted dry fruits handful (pistachio,almonds and cashews)


  • Wash the poha/aval to remove any dust or other particles .
  • Keep it soaked for 5 mins 
  • In a cup soak the saffron strands  in 2 tbsp warm milk .
  • Dry roast the dry fruits in a pan and give it a quick pulse in the blender to make a coarse powder . 
  • Heat ghee in a pan and lightly fry the soaked poha until you get a good aroma .
  • Add 1/4 cup water and cook the poha till the water is absorbed .
  • Add the milk along with the saffron soaked milk and cook till the milk boils . Keep stirring to avoid the milk sticking to the bottom of the pan . 
  • Lastly add the cardamom powder and roasted dry fruits powder along with sugar and continue cooking till the sugar melts . The kheer will turn watery after adding sugar .
  • Continue to cook for another 4 to 5 mins till the milk thickens .Turn off the stove and poha kheer is ready to serve . 

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  1. Love poha kheer, so easy to make and delicious. We usually make it for Sharad Poornima. I usually don't stir fry the soaked poha in ghee. Must give this method a try.

  2. Poha kheer is a quick kheer which we can make anytime. Yours looks delicious. It is usually made during Rath Sapthami in our place.

  3. Looks like my desset for Shivratri is fixed. I love easy and quick recipes and this Aval Payasam fits the bill perfectly.

  4. Pati used to make a different variant of aval payasam for krishna jayanthi .sure to try your method soon ! - kalyani

  5. I larnt to make aval payasam from my huband's aunt. Somehow it was a big thing for them, so I was glad to be taught well. Now this recipe is one of home favorites.

  6. We love poha kheer, it is one of the most often made payasam at home. Cooking poha first with water and then adding milk is new to me, will try this version of yours next time.


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