April 03, 2022

Thalipeeth (थालीपीठ) - Multigrain flat bread

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 Thalipeeth is a very popular flat bread from Western India ,specially from Maharashtra and North Karnataka. Thalipeeth is a filling and sumptuous breakfast option often served with fresh home made butter and pickle .

Thalipeeth is made using a special flour called Bhaajanee prepared from  various grains and  legumes . The  grains and legumes are roasted until crisp and then pounded to a fine powder which is used to make the dough for Thalipeeth. 

If we have no time to prepare the bhajnee we can use different flours like rice flour , jowar flour, bajra flour,  wheat flour, gram flour etc and knead the dough using various spices and herbs . Most common spices used are corriander, cumin,green chillies .

 If making thalipeeth on days of fasting then flour made from amaranth grains and sabudana (sago) is used ,as consumption of regular grains and legumes is avoided on such days .

Finely chopped onions and spring onions are also added to the flour while kneading for added taste. 

This month we are looking at various types of Flat bread in our Facebook Gourmet group as suggested by Anu Kollon . Anu's blog has the popular flat bread of Kerala Arisi Pathiri which is what I would want to try soon.

It was fun reading about so many varieties of flat bread that are made all over the world and my partner Renu has dished out Polish Onion Flat Bread  while I made this Thalipeeth .

To know more about this fun and vibrant food group ,click on the image below to visit the Facebook page.

Preparation Time - 20 mins
Cooking Time - 2 to 3 mins per thalipeeth 
Complexity - Medium
Makes - 7 to 8 thalipeeth


1/2 cup Jowar flour
1/4 cup Wheat flour 
1/2 cup Rice flour 
2 tbsp Besan / gram flour 
Handful of soaked sago/sabudana
1 tsp Til seeds
2 Green chilli finely chopped 
1/4 tsp turmeric 
1/2 tsp Chilli powder
Handful of finely Corriander leaves 
Salt as needed
1/2 tsp Ajwain /carom seeds 
Oil for roasting the thalipeeth
Water to knead the dough


  • Sift all the flours in a mixing bowl . Add the chopped corriander,  green chillies ,sesame seeds, cumin, salt, turmeric, chilli powder ,ajwain and mix it well with your fingers .
  • Add the soaked sabudana and knead the dough by adding water in stages . The dough has to be soft and pliable as we need to pat it with our hands .keep the dough covered until use .
  • As the gluten content is very less ,we cannot roll the dough but have to spread  the dough by patting it .
  • Heat a tava /griddle . Most preferred is iron tawa but you can also use non stick tava.
  • Take a parchment/butter paper or even a banana leaf and grease it with some oil.
  • Grease your palms with oil and pinch out a big lemon sized ball from the dough and start patting on the paper with your palms .
  • Start from the center and start patting towards the outer end.  Wet your palms with water for ease of patting.  Pat it as thin as you can .
  • Carefully lift the parchment paper with the patted thalipeeth and invert it on the hot tawa .
  • After 2 or 3 seconds slowly peel off the  paper from the thalipeeth (2nd row 1st image
  • Drizzle oil all over the thalipeeth like how we do for dosa and cook on one side and then flip it over and cook on the other side by drizzling some more oil.
  • Take it off the pan when both sides are well cooked and serve hot with butter and pickle. 

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  1. This would be perfect for any of my meal, though would love it to be paired hot with morning tea . They look delicous

  2. Very delicious multigrain thalipeeth. I love it with pickle and yogurt. Simple and comforting meal.

  3. Perfectly made thalipeeth Priya. Love them and make the farali one often. I've yet to try making the multigrain version. Like your recipe as you don't need the special multigrain flour. One can mix flours at home and use it following your recipe.

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  7. I have made thalipeeeth with thalipeeth bajini before, but never made the bajini mix myself. I will love to try this mix to make a good thalipeeth.

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  9. These thalipeeth look so healthy and delicious will different types of flours. Would love to have them with yogurt and pickle.

  10. we love thalipeth for dinner mostly on weekdays, the fact it is so delicious and customisable and the Bhajni flour mix is a winner

  11. Thalipeeth is our favourite breakfast. It is such a healthy and filling breakfast. Whenever my thalipeeth bhajni (multigrain flour) gets over, i dry roast the individual flours and mix them to make bhajni. Wonderful share !

  12. I make thalipeeth in various ways but have never added sabudana in it. I will add it next time, it must be giving a good taste to it. This is one of my favourite dish.

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