September 12, 2022

Namkeen Moong Dal | Fried Moong (split green gram)- Vegan snack

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 Namkeen moong dal is a very tasty and addictive tea time snack which is enjoyed by all age groups .

A popular snack which is sold by major snack brands, in India and abroad this certainly is a Go to snack which most of us will stock at home to just munch on for time pass .

You can also make amazing chaat with this fried moong dal by adding chopped onions ,tomatoes, fresh corriander and dress with some fresh lime juice .

To make namkeen moong dal at home ,you need to have a few pre preparations, but if you plan your work accordingly, this tasty snack can be made just in time for your tea time or the time when kids are back from school.

The key to get perfectly fried moong dal is to pat dry the soaked moong dhal on a cotton cloth until it is totally dry and moisture free . A small amount of moisture also will end in oil splutter while frying which is definitely risky and hazardous.  So take care to dry up the moong dhall before frying.

The fried moong dal is seasoned with basic spices like salt and chat masala ,but you can also add some red chilli powder if you may like. I prefer to keep it plain salted with a hint of chaat masala . 

Preparation Time - 4 hrs
Frying time - 15 mins
Complexity - easy
Serves  - 3 to 4 


2 cups of moong dal / yello split gram
Oil to fry
Salt as needed 
Pinch of chat masala 


  • Wash and soak the moong dal in a bowl of water for 3 to 4 hrs .
  • Drain the water through a colander and spread the soaked moong dal on a soft cotton cloth for about 30 mins under shade so that all the moisture is absorbed by the cloth .
  • Heat up the oil and fry the moong dal in small batches until it turns crisp and appears golden yellow. Fry in medium flame and be vigilant else it will  burn too quickly .
  • To the fried moong dal add salt and chat masala and mix it well .Store it in an air tight container.  Use a dry spoon to use while serving. 
  • Enjoy this addictive snack with your tea or a leisure drink with your friends and family.


  1. This is the best anytime snack that is protein rich too. This is a definite winner here. I am trying this recipe today, it is rainy and a good snack for chai time would be amazing!

  2. Crunchy moong dal is super addictive! Everyone loves it in our family. I love how you have prepared it at home,!

  3. I love these moong dal but never tried at home. Thanks for the simple and easy to cook recipe. I will surely try it soon.

  4. crunchy munchy haldriram style moong dal would be such a treat to make it at home . no more buying from the market. I make it very similarly, and would love to try it soon! - Kalyani

  5. Fried moong dal is all time favourite. Everyone loves this as a teatime snack. Loved your easy and simple recipe.

  6. I love fried moong dal but have never tried making it at home. Such an easy recipe, makes me wonder why I haven't made it home as yet. Love it with salt and a bit of red chilli powder.

  7. My family is a big fan of namkeen moong dal fry. Good to have the recipe for the same Priya.

  8. Absolutely love namkeen moong dal I think I will make some soon. The thought of not buying fried moong dal

  9. Since we used to buy this i had limited this at home. With your recipe, that ban can be lifted for my children.


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