December 07, 2022

Veg Pizza - Stove Top version

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 Pizza is the most loved quick bite that's enjoyed by all ..Be it kids or adults ,there is something in Pizza that makes it everyone's favorite. 

Kids find the long string of hot melted cheese  while they take a bite as an attraction while elders love the various toppings that are used on the Pizza to make it tasty and enjoyable .

As much as many consider pizza as a junk food or a overload of fat due to cheese,I would say we can make it really healthy by using the whole wheat or multi grain pizza base , loads of vegetables and very minimal cheese or no cheese at all . 

One of the best ways to get the kids eat as much as veggies as possible.  I keep trying various toppings and this time I used even some grated carrots and it was a very nice welcome change.  

Nowadays markets are flooded with a variety of ready made pizza base breads and I was super impressed with the thin crust multigrain base which I have used in the recipe. Though we can bake our own pizza bread at home, for sudden pizza cravings I pick up the pizza base from the nearby organic store. 

Cheese was used very minimally and a mix of cheddar and mozzarella from my favorite brand Amul . Amul is a very famous brand which is widely used in India and known for its superior quality of diary products ,ice creams and chocolates.

This flavor packed and tasty pizza was  prepared for the World Street Food Theme on our food group Shhh Cooking Secretly Challenge.  I was partnered with the amazing blogger Preethi who was also the host for this month's theme. She gave me the secret ingredients Oregano and Tofu while I gave her Yeast and icing sugar with which she has made delicious Firi Firi

Preparation Time - 15 - 20 mins
Cooking Time - 5 to 10 mins
Complexity - easy 
Serves - 2 to 3


2 multigrain pizza base bread 
1/2 cup finely chopped assorted bell peppers 
1/4 cup boiled sweet corn 
1 medium onion chopped 
100 gms tofu /paneer diced into cubes 
1 medium carrot finely grated
Chilli flakes 
Oregano flakes 
1/4 cup tomato sauce / pizza sauce
50 gms grated mozzarella cheese
50 gms grated cheddar cheese 


  • Take a pizza base , spread some sauce over and layer it with some cheese. 
  • Add the toppings one by one as you wish .
  • Sprinkle Chilli flakes and Oregano all over the toppings .
  • Spread some more cheese as you like.
  • Place the pizza base on a heated tava/griddle ,and roast on slow flame until the cheese on top melts .
  • Cut into wedges and serve hot .


  1. Priya! I am coming over it has been ages since I made pizza at home. I must say your pizza on the stove top is the best way to make pizza. You need not wash up too many things :D

  2. I remember once I had invited my friend and her family over for a pizza dinner and the power went away. We waited for a while but it didn't come back. So how to make the pizza without an oven. That is the first time I made them on the stove. Since then it has become a popular option whenever I don't want to switch the oven on especially during the hot season. Yours look so inviting, wish I could have a slice.

  3. Stove top verison of pizza sounds interesting. They look super tempting. It would so easy to make if we have pizza base handy.

  4. The pizza looks perfectly baked with all that veggies and the generous amount of cheese. I remember as a child we use to always do this on a tawa, we did not had oven then and it used to be so yum.

  5. It is a friend of mine who introduced me to stove top pizza when my kids were small. This is so super cool, and easy to make recipe.

  6. The multigrain crust sounds a great idea. Pizza is undeniably the favorite one in our home and I would love to make one with multigrain crust. Your pizza looks inviting!

  7. This thin crust pizza looks so irresistible. I am not a pizza lover but I have fallen in love with thin crust pizza. Home made pizza is always the best . My boys live pizza.- Preethi

  8. That pizza looks just perfect, well-baked, cheesy and with loads of veggies! We are all pizza fans at home, and I make the stove-top version often. As you rightly said, pizza can be healthy too if made using the right sort of ingredients.

  9. Pizza here looks perfectly baked !!!! The generous amount of cheese just make it all droolworthy.


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