April 17, 2013

Southekaai (Vellarikaai) Kosambri / Indian Style Cucumber Salad

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Southekaai (Kannada) / Vellarikaai (Tamil) / Khira (Hindi) / Dosekaya (Telugu) / Cucumber is a sought after vegetable used in most Salads or curries which have a lot of vitamins and health benefits.
Fresh green cucumbers may be had as it is without any additions.The yellow cucumber variety also popularly known as Indian Cucumber is widely used in South India in stews,curries and gravies.

As a child ,cucumber has always been a summer special vegetable where in we would have the cool cucumber slices with a little salt and paprika sprinkled over  to beat the afternoon scorching sun.Now that it is summer now,you can include this simple salad in your daily meal.Quick to make and provides the necessary nutrients required .
This salad is a part of any South Indian festive meal especially during Rama Navami,a handful of soaked moong dhall is added to this salad and is offered to Lord Sri Rama as Neivedhiyam / Prasadam. This salad is also called as Vadai Paruppu in most Tamil house holds.

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : Nil
Serves : 3-4


2-3 medium sized green cucumber
2 tbsp grated coconut 
1 tsp pepper powder  
Finely  chopped corriander
For Tempering
1 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 tsp udad dhall
1/2 tsp channa dhall
pinch of asafoetida 


  • Peel and wash the cucumber. Ensure that,you trim of the ends using knife and rub the ends to bring out the sticky, off-white, fluid like oozing substance. It helps to lessen bitter taste from the cucumber.
  • Cut them into fine small cubes and put it in a mixing bowl.
  • Prepare the tempering using the ingredients listed under Tempering .
  • Add the grated coconut,tempering,pepper powder to the mixing bowl and toss well.
  • Add salt just before serving and not well in advance else the salad will become soggy and the crispness of the cucumber will be lost.
  • Garnish with fresh corriander. 
  • Salad can be served chilled or in room temperature.
Notes :
  • For those who love tangy flavor,a teaspoon of lime juice or small bits of raw mango can be added for that extra taste.

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