February 26, 2017

Murungakkai /Drumstick Sambar

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Murungakkai(Tamil)/Drumstick(English)/ is called botanically as Moringa oleifera where in Moringa is derived from the Tamil word 'Murungai' meaning a twisted pod.
Its high in nutritional value especially iron contents.The leaves "murunga elai" are also used in various cuisines just as we use spinach or methi .Known to combat malnutrition its used in infant foods and also nursing mothers.

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South Indian cuisine also makes use of Drumstick in various cuisines like sambar,avial,vethakolambu etc etc.

Today's recipe is a traditional Sambar using drumstick as the main vegetable. Have this sambar with plain rice or pongal or even as an accompaniment with idli or dosa as well.
Sambar and kootu are always a part of any main course South Indian meal. Click to know different variations in Sambar and Kootu.

Drumstick sambar with piping hot Ven Pongal is a super hit combination at our home.

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 30 mins
Serves: 2-3
Complexity : Medium

©Sweet Spicy Tasty© ,Nuggekai huli , murungai sambar , murungakka sambar , drumstick sambar , murungakai kuzhambu , arachu vitta sambar , araichi vitta sambar ,

2 drumsticks - cut into finger size pieces
2 tablespoon sambar powder
1/4 cup tamarind extract 
3 tablespoon fresh coconut grated
few curry leaves
1/2 cup thoor dhall. 

Method.©Sweet Spicy Tasty©
  • Pressure cook the thoor dhall with haldi ,mash it well and keep it ready
  • Grind the coconut,sambar powder and a few curry leaves into a fine paste and keep aside.
  • In a vessel, add the drumstick pieces 1 cup water,haldi,salt and let it boil until the drumstick is almost soft.
  • Add the tamarind extract,the ground paste and boil until the raw  flavor is lost.Adjust the water such that the consistent is not very thick.
  • Finally add the dhall ,mix well and bring to a rolling boil.
  • Temper with mustard seeds and asafoetida in 1 tsp oil and pour it over the sambar.
  • You can also add some finely chopped corriander while the sambar is boiling.
  • Adding a teaspoon of powdered jaggery increases the taste.
  • Sambar powder can be added or reduced depending on your spice level intake.


  1. Sambar is my favourite, specially with the addition of drumsticks. They really add a lovely flavour to it.

  2. I just got murungakai from the indian grocer yesterday. We are so happy when we see these and make sambar as the first go. So happy to see how similar our recipes are too.

  3. Your sambar looks amazing. I love adding drumsticks to my gujarati dall and sambar. The drumsticks add the authentic taste to the dall and sambhar. We don't get drumsticks regularly so whenever I manage to get them, I freeze them - ready to use.

  4. I love sambhar and your drumstick sambhar sounds so flavorful and mouthwatering. Also loved the colour of the sambhar. Looks so inviting.

  5. I love murungakkai sambar, it is usually done whenever I get drumsticks. Your sambar looks like a comfort food to me.

  6. My favourite sambhar. Murungakkai sambhar! I love your recipe and it is different from mine. So you can be sure it will get made in my house.

  7. Sambar with drumsticks.. super tempting. Love drumsticks so now I have another way to enjoy them in the form of sambar with some rice.Lovely recipe Priya.

  8. one of our fav. the husband and me also love it with arichuvitta masala method. colour looks fab!


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