March 24, 2017

Coffee flavored Biscuit Pudding - No Baking No Cooking | Video Post

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This name itself excites me for many reasons: Most importantly-its my mom's signature recipe.
As a child I have never liked any other form of sweet apart from ice creams and chocolates ,so Amma would make this pretty much frequently for me so that I stay away from the most addictive chocolates and ice creams.
The moment Valli told me that Only Pudding theme was available for the last week of BM#74 I was left wondering what to present as there is not much inclination to consuming sweets at home.,
 I thank Valli to have given me the oppurtunity to revive my child hood sweet treat and this was also an oppurtunity to let my hubby finally taste this Yummy Creamy Pudding...
There are various versions of this same type of pudding ,but this particular recipe is what I have tasted and enjoyed all through. An absolute recreation of my mom's recipe.
This post is a tribute to my mom for the ever so many times she has whipped this up for me as a surprise for having scored good grades or any sort of accomplishment that I achieved in my school /college.

The other two posts in the coming days are also going to be my childhood favorite sweets but ,Indianised pudding versions. Hope you all enjoy it !!

Preparation Time : 20 mins
Freezing Time : 4-6 hours
Serves : 2-3 people

200ml fresh cream ( I used amul fresh cream) - Keep in the fridge for about 1-2 hrs before use
200 gms Marie biscuit packet
2 tablepoons instant coffee powder
1 cup sugar (200gms approx)
1/2 cup hot water

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  • Take out the cream from the fridge and add it to a big whisking bowl.Add sugar and beat the cream until its thick and creamy with the sugar well blended in the cream. you can use either manual beater or the electric beater. Takes about 5-6 minutes in an electric beater.
  • Keep this whipped cream in the fridge until use to prevent it from melting as it is summer time now.
  • Add about half cup water to the instant coffee powder and make a nice decoction and keep aside.
  • Take a rectangular container - freezer safe plastic ware / freezer safe glass ware / bread pan or cake pan .Wipe it off  well such that there is no external moisture or water.
  • Dip the marie biscuits one by one in the coffee decoction and make the base layer.
  • Pour the cream over the first layer such that the cream coats the biscuits entirely.
  • Drizzle some coffee decocotion over the cream.
  • Repeat the marie biscuit layer - cream layer - coffee decoction until all the biscuits are consumed.
  • The top most layer must be of Cream - so reserve some cream for that while using.
  • Pour out all the cream that is remaining on the topmost layer,drizzle some more decoction on it and make some swirl like patterns using a spoon.
  • Cover the container either with its own lid or a cling wrap and freeze for 4-6 hrs.

Serving Suggestions

  • Remove the container from the fridge,slice it well using a knife like how you would do for a cake and serve it immediately.
  • You may dust some cocoa powder or spread some chocolate gratings over it if you like and serve.
  • I like mine plain with just the flavor of coffee and cream.


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