March 06, 2018

Khaara Bhaath | Karnataka special Rava Upma

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Khaara Bhaath , is a typical Karnataka style Upma made using rava / semolina/ sooji and uses the Vaangi Bhaath masala powder for added flavors . This addition of the spice powder makes it taste different. Unlike, the usual upma this upma is slightly soggy and well lubricated using ghee / oil such that one spoonful in your mouth and it will just slide down your throat.
Khaara Bhaath is usually paired with Kesari Bhaath (Sheera) and the combo is called as Chou Chou Bhaath . The traditional eateries called as Darshinis or Upahara Darshinis across Karnataka serve this on their Breakfast Menu.
The Khaara Bhaath can be made using mixed vegetables or just plain tomato and some peas / groundnuts .
My version today makes use of plain tomatoes,paired with some fried groundnuts and the quint essential Bhaath Masala .(Recipe for masala powder is detailed below in the post).

Preparation Time : 10 min
Cooking Time : 20 mins
Complexity : Medium
Serves : 2-3

1cup /150 gms upma rava / sooji
2.5 - 3 cups /350-400 ml boiling water
2 medium sized tomatoes finely chopped
1-2 tablespoon bhaath masala
3 tablespoon ghee
handful of groundnuts
curry leaves
2-3 finely chopped green chillies
pinch of turmeric powder
1 tsp mustard seeds
2 tsps channa dhall + udad dhall 
salt to taste
asafoetida/ hing
1 tsp sugar
corriander for garnish

  • Keep the water for boiling.
  • In a thick bottom kadai/ wok , heat the ghee and temper the mustard seeds, udad dhall + channa dhall, green chillies, curry leaves and asafoetida and lastly the haldi powder,such that it does not burn.
  • If using groundnuts, fry them after you splutter the mustard seeds and then add the chana dhall ,plus other ingredients.
  • Add the rava and roast it very well until you get a very nice aroma of roasted rava. Take care it does not change color due to over roasting.
  • Finally add the bhaath masala and give a quick stir.
  • Pour the boiling water carefully from the side of the kadai and beware of the spluttering of hot water. Quickly stir to ensure there are no lumps.
  • Now add the chopped tomatoes,mix well and close with a lid for uniform cooking.
  • After 2-3 mins open the lid and you will see the water has all been absorbed by the rava and it has been cooked soft and appears mushy.
  • Mix well with a spatula, add some ghee if you please and then garnish with chopped corriander. 
  • Serve hot and enjoy with a cup of hot filter coffee.

  1. If you want to make use of mixed vegetables, boil the vegtables before hand and drain the water and keep aside. When you add tomatoes, add the mixed vegetables and stir well.
  2. Instead of using,pre roasted rava available in the markets today,please roast the rava afresh and make this upma. It has a very different flavour and taste.
  3. In case you want to use the pre roasted rava, ensure that you roast it one more time to induce the flavor of ghee into the rava. 


©Sweet Spicy Tasty©

2 table spoon dhaniya /corriander seeds
1 table spoon udad dhall / ulutham paruppu / black gram 
1 table spoon channa dhall /kadalai paruppu/bengal gram 
8-10 dry red chillies ( paandi / gunturu - mildly spiced)
7-8    dry red chillies ( byadgi - less spice only for color)
handful of curry leaves
2-3 cloves/lavang
small stick cinnamon/dalchini/pattai
1 tsp jeera/cumin
1/2 tsp methi/fenugreek/menthayam
pinch of asafoetida 
1/2 tsp haldi powder

©Sweet Spicy Tasty©
  • In a kadai,heat  1/2 tsp  oil, add the methi seeds.Let it splutter till it gives out a nice aroma.
  • Add the jeera,cinnamon,cloves and saute well till the jeera becomes crisp.
  • Add the curry leaves and the dhalls and saute till the dhalls turn golden brown.
  • Saute the corriander seeds and red chillies until they become crisp.
  • Turn off the stove,add the asafoetida,haldi and let the dry masalas cool for about 5-10 mins
  • Grind it into a fine powder in a mixer-grinder into a semi fine powder.
  • Store in an airtight container and use a dry spoon always.

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