March 22, 2018

AdaIzza ( Adai + Pizza ) - Fusion cooking

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Adai as all of us know is a very traditional south indian breakfast item prepared using various lentils and rice.  There are various proportions that can be used to prepare the Adai Batter . One such version is already mentioned in my blog . Recipe can be found in this link .

Today , I shall present to you another variation of Adai batter and also the Fusion element of turning the Adai as the base for a south Indian version of Pizza. This variation in the proportion of Lentils to be used for Adai was given to me by one of my aunty friend whom I befriended on a food group in social media . By far the best proportion of Adai that I have come across and it has been a hit in my house ever since.
Thanks Bageerathy Aunty for the recipe :-)

Idli molagai pudi  and Karvepillai podi (Curry leaves powder) replaced the use of Oregano and Chilli flakes . Kids would love to have these cheesy Adais as they resemble bite sized pizzas and also the necessary proteins and veggies can be sneaked in conveniently.

click below for video recipes of
Idli molagaipodi and
Karevpillai podi / Curry leaves powder

Preparation Time : 4-5 hours
Cooking Time : 15-20 mins
Complexity : medium
Serves : 3-4
Batter shelf life - 2 days under refrigeration

Ingredients for Adai Batter

1 cup raw rice ( I used sona masuri)
1 cup idli rice / dosa rice
1 cup thoor dhall / thuvaram paruppu
1/2 cup channa dhall / bengal gram dhall / kadalai paruppu
1/2 cup moong dhall / payatham paruppu
5-6 dry red chillies ( paandi / gunturu - spicy variety)
2-3 byadgi / kashmiri chillies

Ingredients for AdaIzza 

Finely chopped capsicum
Finely chopped tomatoes ( deseed the tomatoes and slice them)
Finely chopped onions (optional)
grated cheese

Method to grind the Batter
  • Wash the rice as well as the lentil multiple times in running water until the water appears clean and clear.
  • Soak them along with the chillies for about 3-4 hours in sufficient water.
  • Grind the batter in a mixie just as you would do grind for dosa batter . I like to keep the batter fine and not coarse so I add a little extra water and make a fine batter. If you like it coarse, you can grind it accordingly .
  • Transfer the batter into a wide mouth container, add the required amount of salt, asafoetida, finely chopped curry leaves and corriander.
  • The batter is now ready to make hot ,crisp adais . Balance batter can be kept in the fridge and consumed the next day. Donot prolong to refrigerate as the batter may turn sour and tasteless over a period of time.

How to make the AdaIzza ( Fusion Pizza ) ?

  • On a hot greased tava / griddle , pour the batter in the form of a small disc and do not spread . Drizzle some oil over it and let it cook for a while.

  • When the upper side seems to be 3/4th done ,spread the capsicums ,tomatoes  over it and let it cook for some more time.

  • Spread the cheese and a few mins later it begins to melt and the veggies along with the adai are almost cooked.

  • Carefully take it off the tawa and spread some idli molagpudi and some karvepillai podi for the chili flakes and oregano effect and serve it hot.

How to make crsip Adais?

  • Take a ladle full of batter and spread it well on a nice greased hot tava and drizzle some oil over it.

  • Flip it over once the underside is done and let the other side cook well.

  • Serve hot with jaggery or coconut chutney or a dollop of salted butter.

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