March 09, 2018

Aloo Lacchha | Potato Stripes

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Aloo Lacchha is thin strips of potato deep fried in oil to perfect crispness and seasoned with pepper powder, red chilli powder and black salt . The addition of black salt is the highlight as it enhances the taste and flavor manifold. I used to love munching on Haldiram's Aloo Laccha very much and once while doing so, it struck me why not try it at home,but I always brushed aside the idea of doing it as I felt it was a tedious job .
Nonetheless, it is a tedious job,but really worth all the effort and time.
More so, safe and made hygienically at the comfort of our home and kitchen.
There are few tips that you need to keep in mind to get the best and awesome crispies. Refer to the Notes section below the recipe for the same.

Preparation Time : 2 hrs
Cooking Time : 45 min - 1 hr
Complexity : High


 4-5 big sized potatoes
 A sharp slicer
300ml oil for deep frying
1 tsp black salt / normal salt
1 tsp pepper powder ( finely ground)
1 tsp red chilli powder

  • Peel the potatoes and wash them well.

  • Cut thick slices of the potato using a knife or if you have an adjustable blade in your slicer, set it to get the thickest slices.

  • set the blade size now to get thin slices and slice the potatoes lengthwise to get the elongated slices.

  • Keep the potato slices and peeled potato soaked in a big bowl of water
  • Once, you have sliced all the potatoes, rinse them well in running water 2-3 times to remove all the starch and then soak it in clean water for about 1.5- 2 hrs.
  • After 2 hrs, drain the water and spread the slices on a nice clean cotton towel such that the water is all absorbed .
  • Meanwhile, heat up the oil for frying. The oil should be sizzling hot .i.e when you drop a slice it should come up to the surface immediately.
  • Drop the slices carefully ,but ensure you do not crowd the kadai with many slices and there is enough space for floating. 

  • Reduce the flame to medium and fry until the sizzling sound ceases / stops and drain it carefully.

  • Sprinkle the black salt, chilli powder, pepper powder and mix it well.

  • Let it cool for a few mins before transferring into an airtight container.

  1. Washing the potato slices and soaking it in water for minimum of 1-2 hrs is a very essential step . Do not Miss It . 
  2. If there is starch present in the potato, the chips will turn black very soon and will not get fried properly giving a weird taste.
  3. Ensure that after the slices are dropped in oil, reduce the flame to medium after 1-2 mins and keep stirring the fries occasionally to prevent sticking and even frying.
  4. Patience is the key to getting the perfect crisps . Do not increase the flame for quicker results, the potatoes take time to get crispier. Hastening will make the outer portion crisp while the inner will remain soft and you will end up with soggy fries. Fry only in medium flame and drain them after the sizzling sound stops completely.

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