July 18, 2019

Pav Bhaji - No Onion No Garlic

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Pav bhaji needs no special introduction at all. A very famous street food from the Financial capital of India - Bombay a.k.a Mumbai but this dish has found place in the hearts of everyone across the country.  There will be hardly anyone who doesn't like this yummy and buttery street food .
In Bombay you can find a lot of variations to this Pav bhaji and each one is delectable and special in it's own way . Today we shall see the No Onion No Garlic version of Pav Bhaji, popularly known as Half Jain pav bhaji . It is called half Jain because only onions and garlic are omitted while the base contains potatoes as the main ingredient.

Preparation Time - 20 mins
Cooking Time - 45 mins
Serves - 3-4
Complexity- simple

3 medium sized potatoes
1 capsicum
1 small carrot
Few cauliflower florets
Handful of peas
3-4  tomatoes
1.5 tablespoons pav bhaji masala
1 tsp red chilli powder
Salt as needed
Pinch of sugar
Salted butter
Fresh coriander
Paav bread as needed.


  • Peel , wash and chop the potato and carrot into huge cubes .
  • Wash the cauliflower florets and keep soaked in salt water .
  • Chop the capsicum finely .
  • In a pressure cooker , cook the potatoes, carrots and cauliflower with little salt and red chilli powder .
  • Once the pressure settles ,mash it well and keep aside .
  • Blend the tomatoes into a fine puree and keep ready. 
  • In a thick bottomed pan, melt some butter and saute the capsicum until soft. 
  • Add in the puree with 1/2 cup water along with salt and 2 tsp pav bhaji masala and cook till the raw flavor of tomato is lost .
  • Add the mashed vegetables and peas to the tomato puree and mix it well . 
  • Add the remaining pav  bhaji masala , little water and cook till all the flavors mix well and give out a pleasing aroma .
  • Add a pinch of sugar and a huge blob of butter and turn off the stove.  Let the butter melt slowly in the heat . This gives an amazing flavor to the bhaji .
  • Garnish with a lot of fresh coriander and squeeze a few drops of lime juice before serving.  
  • Roast the paav bread in generous amount of butter and serve it hot.  

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