July 10, 2019

Ragi Rotti - karnataka special

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Ragi / Nachni / finger Millet does not need any special introduction as such . It is a  very healthy millet and has lot of nutritive values
Most importantly it is very good for diabetic patients due to its low GI value . People suffering from thyroid are advised to not consume Ragi /finger millet ,so pls exercise caution .

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Ragi is used widely in Karnataka in various forms like porridge , ragi mudde , ragi dosa and most frequently made item is the Ragi Roti. I have already posted  detailed video on Akki Roti which is also a  very famous and staple breakfast in Karnataka.  This ragi rotti also follows the same steps for preparation.

A sumptuous and filling breakfast to keep you filled up for 4-5 hours easily.
It is served with some fresh ghee and jaggery . Those who follow Veganism can omit the ghee and may use chutney or any pickle as a side dish

Preparation Time : 20 mins
Cooking Time : 3 mins per rotti
Complexity: medium
Makes 4-5 rottis

2 cups ragi flour
1/2 cup fresh grated coconut
2-3 green chillies finely chopped
Curry leaves finely chopped
Coriander leaves chopped
1 tsp jeera / cumin
Salt as needed


How to knead the dough ?

  • In a wide mixing bowl , add the jeera,coconut,green  chillies, salt , curry leaves,coriander and asafoetida with a little salt and mix it well with your finger until the coconut releases its juices and all the ingredients blend well to release their flavor. 
  • Add the ragi flour to this coconut mixture and knead a soft dough using water little by little . 
  • Let the dough rest for a 5-10 mins

How to pat  and cook the rotti ?

  • Make equal sized balls from the dough and keep them ready.
  • Grease a thick tava/pan with oil .
  • Take one portion of the dough and start patting with your fingers on the tava,starting from the center.  Wet your palm for ease of patting .
  • Make some holes on the roti and drizzle oil onto it and place it on medium flame and cook covered for 1 min.
  • Carefully flip it over and cook the other side also until well done .
  • Take it off the tava and serve hot .
Note : finely chopped onions may also be added to the dough while kneading. 

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Ragi rotti is a traditional and staple breakfast in karnataka region of India . A very healthy and sumptuous preparation made out of finger Millet or nachni suitable for diabetic patients due to low GI value.



  1. Ragi is really loaded with nutrition. The roti looks delicious. We can enjoy with curd and pickle too.

  2. Love ragi roti but haven't tried it the way you make it Priya. Like the addition of coconut and curry leaves. And that generous topping of ghee makes it so tempting. Will have to try out your recipe.

  3. I have never tried ragi rotti but am really interested as all it's ingredients are nutritious. I was wondering if I could roll them out before putting them on the tava?

  4. Ragi rotti is delicious and keeps full for a long time. I make it often for breakfast.

  5. I love Ragi roti its delicious n filling. Definitely a boon for diabetic patients and the rest of the family. I love the way you have made it with coriander leaves n curry leaves.

  6. Ragi rotti looks scrumptious. Even I like to add coconut to my rotti. Love your healthy recipe Priya. Nutritious breakfast anytime.

  7. I have some ragi flour to use , not sure how to use it in dosa or roit. Maybe will try both, your ragi rotti looks perfect.

  8. paati used to make it always with Coconut just like you :-) this is a delicious breakfast, must make it again soon !

  9. Ragi roti is a healthy and nutritious food.i love the way you have beautifully explained the recipe.

  10. Beautifully made ragi rotti. It reminded me of darshinis. I miss warm ragi rotti and chutney.

  11. Ahh! I have forgotten the pleasure of ragi roti! I must make it for breakfast soon will definitely be appreciated more than my regular oats :D I will add some coconut to it will give it a lovely flavour.

  12. It has been ages since I've made ragi roti. Last time I made them was when I was in Bangalore. Miss having it with yogurt. Your ragi rotti is perfectly made and so tempting with the ghee on top.


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