June 29, 2020

Veg Cheese Grill Sandwich | Grill Cheese Sandwich

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I love sandwiches in any form, be it as a sub or the regular ones where veggies are stuffed between two slices of bread.  Toast them for an added taste and crunch and enjoy it hot - this is the way I like it .

Those who are familiar with the street foods of Bombay , will definitely know about the variety of sandwiches that are very famous. They have such amazing combinations and fusion sandwiches which one cannot even think off. There is a grilled cheese chocolate sandwich also on the menu which was a recent addition and I was literally blown when I read that combination of cheese , chocolate and bread .
 There is something special about the bread and paav that is available in Bombay,they are soft and fluffy and don't crumble easily.  

The street vendors prepare piping hot toast sandwiches using a hand toaster which is tossed around a traditional coal stove (sigdi) as it is locally called. It is a sight to see how quickly their hands and brain work in tandem and do multi tasking of chopping the veggies , buttering the bread, toasting it on fire and simultaneously serving the customers and collecting the payment.  All done single handedly and with utmost precision and perfection. Now a days the hand toasters are getting replaced with electric grills as the vendors are also turning to modern ways to improvise on their customer needs based on demand. 
You can check out the other famous variation of Toast Sandwich on my blog . 

As a child , I was never allowed to snack on these road side sandwiches because of hygiene factor and mom would dish out the same things for me at home and it was the best way for her to sneak in all the veggies that I won't eat into the sandwich and mask it with some cheese and butter and I would happily eat it and say "Amma yummy sandwich " . It was only later that I realized how smartly and tactfully she managed to hide the veggies I didn't eat in the name of sandwiches or parathas and fed them to me . Moms are always smart aren't they ??

Well coming to today's recipe , this Monday's theme for our foodie bloghop Monday is  #MunchkinMeals; suggested by Narmadha of Nam's corner who wanted us to present healthy meals for kids .  Narmadha has some excellent baked goodies on her blog which are made using millets and I have bookmarked 
 RAGI cookies to try out.

While thinking on what to make for this theme, lot of recipes were going on in my mind which my mom used to make for me and finally I was reminded off Grill Sandwiches which were and are my favorite and since it makes use of 3 slices of bread per sandwich, lots of veggies can be stuffed into it . Grate some cheese on it , which obviously is every child's favorite and you can be a happy mom to see your little one empty his/her plate and probably ask for even one more :-) 

Some delicious sandwich varieties from my fellow bloggers which you must try. There are many more such varieties, but I will reserve them for an exclusive post on breads and sandwich. 

Veg Club Sandwich by Kalyani 

The recipe is a little elaborate and requires some pre preparation, but it is worth all the time . 

Why only munchkins, even elders would love to feast on these sandwiches when served hot with chutney and tomato sauce . We can minus the cheese while making it for elders or reduce the quantity of cheese.  

Preparation Time :45 mins
Cooking Time : 15 mins per sandwich 
Makes  3 set of sandwiches 
Complexity: Medium 


9 slices of bread (brown or white)
3 to 4 medium sized potatoes boiled and peeeled
1 large capsicum finely chopped 
1 salad cucumber cut into thin slices 
2 tomatoes cut into thin slices 
1 onion cut into thin slices (optional)
50gms Salted butter at room temperature 
2- 3 cheese cubes (25 gms chiplet) .
3 tablespoons green chutney/sandwich chutney 
Chat masala for taste 


Prepare the green chutney by following this recipe link .

Take 3 slices of bread and spread butter and green chutney on each slice evenly .
On the first slice , grate some potatoes, sprinkle a little chat masala and spread some finely chopped capsicum . Grate some cheese. 

** I couldn't get fresh brown bread hence used white

Place the second slice of bread over the base slice such that the chutney side faces up.
Arrange the slices of cucumber, tomatoes and onions (if using) on this second slice of bread . Sprinkle some chat masala and grate a little more cheese . You can skip this cheese if you want to avoid.  For one set of sandwich I have used 1/2 a cube cheese.  

Lastly , place the 3rd slice of bread with the chutney side over this 2nd slice and slightly press the assembled sandwich with your hand so that the veggies settle in place and it is easy to lift it up .
Heat a grill pan or electric grill and place this sandwich over it and roast it on both sides until crisp and golden brown .Add a little butter to the grill pan for crisp and golden brown toast.

Take it off the grill pan carefully and place it on a chopping board and cut them into triangles. 
If you like you may grate some more cheese over it while serving or serve as is with tomato sauce or green chutney. 

  1. Quantity of cheese used for the sandwich is purely your choice.  You may skip the cheese if you want a totally healthy version. 
  2. Butter used for 3 slices of bread put together will be just 1 tsp . Make sure the butter is at room temperature so that it is easy to spread and quantity used is less .
  3. Boiled and sliced beetroot can also be used in the stuffing.
  4. There is sandwich masala also available in the market which can be used instead of chat masala.

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  1. Cheese and veggie loaded grilled sandwich is a delight any day. It is surely a clever way of sneaking veggies into kidoo's diet. I wish I could grab that tempting sandwich right off the screen.

    1. Thanks dear. ya sandwiches can hold a lot of veggies and I can have sandwiches any time...it is my favorite since childhood :-)

  2. Your sandwich has got me craving for the Bombay Sandwich which is sold outside Friendship in Santa Cruz. A filling and so delicious,I sometimes make it for dinner.

    1. you are so bang on...Bombay sells some of the best street food and sandwich is one of them..the variations are jaw dropping and each area has a special outlet which is famous . I haven't tried the one in Santa Cruz but have a heard a lot abt it during college times.

  3. Sandwich has me craving for a delicious sandwich a cup of coffee n some time in the restaurant. I miss that . Just today I was thinking I need some vitamin R you are now making me wonder if I can ever get in one.
    I live Bombay sandwiches n yours looks just like what I ate at Dadar I think right till the white bread.

    1. Oh oh looks like my post has got many craving for this delicious sandwich..I feel honored and happy to be getting such comments from wonderful experts like you all :-)

  4. I'm a big fan of these grilled vegetable sandwiches, and make them often. Love the look of your sandwiches! They're so tempting and perfectly made. :)

    1. thanks a bunch dear.. ya me too love grill sandwiches..though a tad lengthy pre preparation, the end result is so satisfying and it pays off :-)

  5. Wow vegetables and cheese loaded sandwich looks super tempting. I could enjoy it in any meal time. Perfect for kids and adults both. I wish I could grab one from the picture.

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment. Hi fi to the love for sandwich. I too can have them anytime of the day .

  6. I am not craving for some homade made sandwichse right now in the midst of torrential rains in mumbau here.. these are so perfectly made :) and thanks for the mention on the CLub sandwiches too !

  7. Grilled sandwich looks very tempting Priya, i am drolling to have some. Loved green chutney,potatoes, capsicum used in this. I surely love to add some extra cheese on it :)

  8. I love these kind of layered sandwiches priya !
    Such a delicious cheesy grilled sandwich you have shared here. Wanna pick the platter which is looking absolutely delectable :)

  9. OMG!!! this is amazingly loaded sandwich with cheese, Im just craving it now to have it..chutney color came real wow..this reminds me of my all time favorite mumbai sandwich.

  10. Your post gave me the sudden craving for Mumbai Sandwiches loaded with veggies and cheese.this looks is scrumptious, quick and so easy to make. soon making it.

  11. Veg loaded cheese sandwich makes me mouthwatering and carving for some now. Looks absolutely scrumptious.


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