November 16, 2021

Simple North Indian Thali

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 Some days I am in the mood for an elaborate cooking while at times I hardly feel like stepping into the kitchen to cook up a meal.  Today was one such day when I felt like cooking something different from the usual South Indian menu .

After continuous rainfall for the last few days and a severe dip in mercury levels ,we saw a little sun shine this morning and I set my mood for some elaborate cooking to pep up the mood and prepared this quick and delicious North Indian style menu which can be easily put together in about an hour .  This combination of menu comes very handy when you have to prepare lunch or dinner in short notice for guests .

The entire platter is Saatvik meaning sans Onion & Garlic and hence doubles up even as a Prasad/ Bhog Thaali as well. 

On the Platter ,

Sheera / Sooji Halwa 

Aloo Tamatar Sabji / Potato Tomato Curry

Masala Matar Pulao  / Spiced Peas Pulao 

Hot Fulkas 

Masala Chaas  (video post)

Roasted Papad

To further elaborate this thaali, you can also make Boondi Raita , Moong Bhajjiya , Sweet Corn Salad .

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  1. North Indian thali looks so tasty, it's nice that it is a satvik one. The aloo tamatar sabji looks good, will make it sometime.

  2. A delicious and tempting mini thali. Love cooking thali meals but as you rightly said, when in the mood. Recently for Ganesh Chaturthi made a full thali meal but forgot to take photos!

  3. delicious thali and quick to make too - my eyes are drawn to the masala peas pulao which I think will be loved at home - Kalyani


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