November 08, 2021

Kothmir Paratha | Corriander Flat Bread

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 After all the festive binge eating we all settled for a simple yet wholesome meal for dinner . Instead of making the usual dal roti and sabji ,I prepared some flavor packed aromatic kothmir parathas and served with some thick curd and freshly ground green chutney. 

I make kothmir paratha quite often whenever I get a fresh bunch of corriander from the vegetable vendor. I donot use a chopper or blender to cut the corriander ..I prefer to roughly chop the corriander and then mix it with spices using my fingers ,this way the flavor is released well when kneaded with the wheat flour . You may add some ajwain/carom seeds to the dough ,but I prefer to keep it plain .

Parathas are the best way to feed and sneak in vegetables which are generally avoided by kids as well as elders . Pumpkin Paratha by Narmadha is a perfect treat for the Fall Season when pumpkins are available in plenty. 

Some such healthy parathas for you all to try from my blog .

Preparation Time - 10 mins
Resting Time - 10 mins
Cooking Time - 2 mins per paratha 
Complexity - medium 
Makes 8 to 10 parathas 

1 cup whole wheat flour
3/4 cup tightly packed roughly chopped kothmir/corriander leaves
2 tsp red chilli powder
1/2 tsp turmeric
Water to knead

  • Sift the flour with turmeric,salt,red chilli powder and salt.
  • Now ,add the chopped corriander and knead into a smooth soft dough. Mix the corriander with your fingers nicely by sprinkling water little by little so that the flavor seeps into the dough 
  • Add water little by little while kneading and make a soft pliable dough . Smear some oil all over the dough and cover it. 
  • Keep aside for about 10 to 15 mins.
  • Pinch out lemon sized balls and roll into rotis.
  • Heat a griddle,and cook the rotis on both sides,using a little oil. [OR]
  • Oil Free Version : Cook on both sides until brown spots appear and the rotis are cooked.
  • You can also puff the  rotis on open flame like fulkas if you want a softer version .
  • Soft Tasty Yummy parathas ready. Serve with any kind of gravy,pickle,green chutney or thick yogurt/curd.

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  1. Aroma of fresh coriander leaves in paratha is too good and I wish you pass me a few to enjoy. I don't need any accomplishments. I will enjoy on its own. So delicious and fulfilling meal.

  2. Coriander Paratha is so nutritious and flavourful. Can eat it guilt free any time with some mango pickle as thick yogurt. It is so easy and quick to make.Love these wholesome Paratha.

  3. I love the fragrance of fresh coriander, so I'm sure I will love these parathas dearly. They look so soft and sound very flavourful. Definitely trying them out this winter!

  4. This cilatro paratha is a great idea! The aroma of the cilantro will make everyone have extra paratha. Great recipe!

  5. These spiced coriander parathas sound delicious. Great breakfast idea. All I need is some pickle and a cup of ginger tea.


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