May 26, 2022

Beach Sundal | Thenga Maanga Pattani Sundal - What is Beach Sundal? ,

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 Beach Sundal or Thenga Maanga Pattani Sundal is a popular Street food sold in the Beach of Madras present day Chennai . Everyone who visits the beach definitely will enjoy either this Beach sundal or the spicy and crunchy Vazhakkai Bajjis from the shacks at the shore .

Boiled yellow peas tempered with mild spices and seasoned with lot of chopped mangoes and grated carrots makes it a perfect snack to munch on while you enjoy the cool breeze.

Madras has a natural Beach shoreline of 6kms making it the longest beach of the Country. Beach is known as Marina Beach and is always buzzling with people and various beach related activities all day long. The most common site is the vendors selling this yummy snack Thenga Manga Pattani Sundal which is very very tasty and flocks of people playing on the shore as well as enjoying the lashing waves . 

The 6 km long promenade is a walker's paradise where we can see regular set of senior citizens , walking group friends, having a nice stroll as well as catching up some good time with friends .

Bird's eye view of Marina Beache and Chennai City as seen from the Light House

Bird's eye view of Marina Beach and Chennai City as seen from the Light House

When the theme for this month's Shhh secretly cooking challenge was announced as Mango ,I instantly decided that I should make this Thenga Manga pattani sundal and Preeti my partner for this month gave me oil and green chilly as the secret ingredients which fit in perfectly to make this recipe. Preeti has dished out creamy and delicious Mango Shrikand with jaggery and pista which were her secret ingredients suggested by me .

This sundal is also popular during the Navaratri season and prepared as prasad on one of the 9 days . If raw mangoes are not in season you can skip that particular ingredient and make this healthy sundal.

Soaking Time - 8 to 10 hrs
Preparation Time - 15 mins
Cooking Time -  20 to 30 min
Complexity  - simple 
Serves - 3 to 4


2 cups dried yellow peas 
1 medium chilli finely chopped 
3 tbsp finely chopped mango 
1/4 cup grated coconut
1/2 carrot grated 
Salt as needed 
1/2 tsp mustard 
Few curry leaves
2 tsp oil
Asafoetida/hing as needed 
Fresh corriander chopped 


  • Wash and soak the dried yellow peas overnight or for min 8 hrs .
  • Throw away the soaked water, wash it once again and pressure cook with a little salt and 5 cups water for 4 or 5 whistles on medium flame.  Release the pressure naturally and check if the peas are well cooked .If you take a boiled pea and mash it between the fingers it should get mashed easily and you shouldn't be feeling the hardness . If the pea appears hard cook for 1 or 2 whistles more .
  • Drain the water through a colander and let the peas cool down .
  • Meanwhile,heat oil in a kadai, temper the mustard seeds followed by the curry leaves, green chillies and asafoetida. 
  • Add in the chopped mangoes and saute for a few seconds and then tip in the boiled peas ,mix it properly ..adjust salt if needed . Cook covered for a min just for the mango flavor to be absorbed into the peas.
  • Lastly add the grated carrots, coconut, fresh corriander and give a quick mix . Turn off the stove .
  • Delicious and tasty sundal is ready .

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  1. I have gone to Marina beach during the only one time I visited Chennai and really loved the amount of street food that was on offer... The sundal really gives the beach vibes... Delish!

  2. Years ago had gone to Marina Beach but didn't taste the famous Beach Sundal. I've got all the ingredients at hand so am sure will make it soon to enjoy as a light meal. Mango and coconut must have added so much flavour.

  3. A classic sundal recipe from the beaches of Madras! I absolutely love this sundal - healthy, filling and very delicious. 😊

  4. Wow now I need not come to Chennai just to eat this sundal on Marina Beach. Thanks for this yum recipe I will make some today.

  5. This is a classic sundal and the most loved one in our home. This has loads of memories attached to it. Just fantastic sundal!

  6. I have been to the beach, but do not remember having this. Thanks for the recipe, would love to try as it sounds too tempting

  7. I love sundal and i make it often. Love your sundal variety using dried yellow peas. Would love giving it a try.

  8. if there's one part of chennai I love, it is marina and Ellliots beach. lots of memories of thie beach sundal that Anna used to get. Have to make another trip to savour this sundal again , esp in paper cones:-)

  9. Few months back we went to marina beach, but dint had anything. Your beach sundal looks super tempting, surely will taste this sundal in our next visit. Easy and tasty recipe to try at home too..

  10. It's been a long time I visited Marina beach, would love to visit sometime soon. This sundal makes a tasty snack to binge during summer, will try it soon.

  11. I love making Sundals. This one with yellow peas sounds delicious. Loved the addition of raw mango and carrot.

  12. Beach style sundal with yellow peas is by itself a picnic. I will love to have this when we have outdoor hikes as it stays well too.

  13. Sundal looks superbly delicious. White peas and mango definitely taste awesome. I would love to try it soon.

  14. Mango and coconut must have added so much flavor here.......................absolutely love this healthy, filling and very delicious sundal.........

  15. Beach Sundal with freshly chopped mangoes sounds irresistible. I have heard a lot about it but never got to taste it. I am bookmarking this recipe to make it soon. Sundal is giving me beach vibes.- Preethi


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