May 14, 2022

Mango Mastani - Summer special

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 Mango Mastani is a popular beverage from Pune ,Maharashtra.  Mango Mastani is a thick mango milkshake topped with scoops of vanilla icecream and garnished with lots of chopped dry fruits,  tutti fruity , mango slices and glazed cherries.  

Normally, the Alphonso/Aapus variety of Mango is used to make this delicious summer drink, but I think you can use any sweet pulpy variety of Mango. 

By the looks of it Mango Mastani, is very close to Falooda,but then there is a lot of difference in the texture and taste when we take a bite.

Making mango Mastani is very very easy and its a no cook recipe which makes it even more interesting to prepare and relish this yummy delicacy . 
My friends from Pune ,swear by this drink and are die hard fans of Mango mastani . I am waiting to try this drink personally, but from the many videos and descriptions that I have heard from my friends, I just couldn't resist myself from trying it this summer. You can use either vanilla or mango icecream for making this luscious summer delight .I liked the taste with vanilla icecream rather than mango .The mild vanilla essence cuts the flavor of mango and hits the right notes thus elevating the taste of mango Mastani. 

Fun facts about the name Mango Mastani !!!

As we all know,that Mastani was the wife of Peshwa Bajirao ,the ruler of Deccan . Its said that she was very beautiful and her beauty was a sight to behold.  
Since ,this drink looks just as beautiful as it can be,they say its been given the name Mango Mastani .

Preparation Time - 10 mins
Cooking Time - nil 
Complexity - simple
Makes 2 to 3 glasses 

2 cups chopped Mango 
1.5 cup chilled milk 
3 scoops vanilla icecream 
Sugar if needed 
For garnish 
Roughly chopped badam ,pista and cashews 
Some tutti fruity 
Vanilla icecream 
Glazed cherry 

  • Blend the mango pieces ,milk and vanilla icecream to a silky smooth puree.  
  • Taste the puree and if it feels less sweet,add some sugar and blend it again. 
  • (I haven't used ice cubes while blending as the milk was chill and so was the ice cream,you may use if you wish to )
  • Pour the milkshake into serving glasses,top it with scoops of vanilla icecream and garnish with chopped nuts, tutti fruity, glazed cherries and chopped mango pieces.
  • Serve chilled and immediately. 

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  1. Sorry but have to use the word drooling over here. I've yet to try out mango mastani. Your wonderful tempting preparation is a reminder that this summer I have to look for sweet mangoes and enjoy this from the comforts on my home.

  2. The mango madtani is one miss being here. No amount of Australian mangoes do justice to the colour and sweetness

  3. Mango Mastani looks yumm and the best way to enjoy mangoes. I must make this before the season ends now.

  4. This is the best! Love mangoes in all form, and this mango mastani is a wonderful treat to beat the heat as well as a best mango recipe!

  5. Tasted mango mastani in Pune. You reminded me good old days. Your mango mastani looks so tempting. Loved the garnishing over it. Your pictures are tempting me to make it right now.


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