February 28, 2013

Palak Paratha /Spinach Flat Bread

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For all the Paratha lovers out there,another simple,tasty,colorful and healthy version of parathas. A great hit among kids who don't like to have greens as a part of their meal,this is the best way to incorporate it in their lunch or dinner . Good for people with Diabetes as it contains just wheat flour and spinach. This can also be a part of lunch box for kids with curd or some ketchup.

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Preparation Time : 15 mins
Cooking Time : 10 mins
Serves : 2-3

Jain Version : Skip the ginger and follow the recipe as is

palak Paratha/Spinach Flat Bread


1 cup whole wheat flour
Half bunch spinach / palak
2-3 green chillies
ginger piece - small slices
Pinch of turmeric
1 tsp Cumin seeds


  • Blanch the spinach along with the green chillies and ginger piece.
  • Let it cool for sometime,grind into a smooth paste in a blender.
  • Sift the flour with turmeric,salt,cumin seeds and salt.
  • Now ,add this spinach puree and knead into a smooth soft dough.
  • Add water little by little while kneading.The Palak puree itself will give some amount of wetness to knead the dough.
  • Keep aside for about half an hour.
  • Pinch out lemon sized balls and roll into rotis.
  • Heat a griddle,and cook the rotis on both sides,using a little oil.
  • Soft Tasty Yummy parathas ready. Serve with any kind of gravy,pickle and thick yogurt.

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